Fascination Learn how to apply your natural Advantages of persuasion today.

7 Advantages of Fascination


Plenty of personality assessments tell you how you see the world.

Only one reveals how the world sees you.

What’s the BEST of how the world sees you?

What makes you most fascinating, and most valuable to the people around you?

We’re about to find out.

Over the past two decades of research on communication, Sally Hogshead has found that there are seven different ways to communicate and add value to your listener.

This included the first-ever marketing research study specifically about how people and brands become more fascinating, which was conducted by Kelton Research. Kelton Research is a global public opinion company, leading research with more than thirty of the Fortune 100 corporations, including McDonald’s, Target, and Pepsi. Twice it has been named “fastest-growing market research consultancy” by Inc. magazine.

When you add value to your listener, you fascinate them.

Fascination is an intense focus. When you fascinate your clients or co-workers, they’re focused on you, and your message.

You already have certain naturally fascinating qualities. These qualities positively shape how the world sees you. These are your Advantages. When you apply your Advantages, you’ll create better relationships, grow your business, rise above the competition, and become intensely valuable to those who matter most. 

In just a few steps, you can discover your Advantages and get your Fascination Advantage Report here at HowToFascinate.com. It all starts by taking our Fascination Advantage Assessment – an enjoyable, short questionnaire we use to learn about you and build your report.