People with primary MYSTIQUE Advantage have an innate ability to edit their ideas and opinions. They do not over-communicate with customers, co-workers, and managers, thereby making their opinions more influential. 

Our data on this Advantage includes results of 25,000 participants who have scored highest on MYSTIQUE when taking the Fascination Advantage Assessment.

Defining Personality Characteristics of Mystique

sil mystiqueWhile others draw attention to themselves with loud greetings or fraternal backslapping, Mystique personalities tend to be solo intellects behind the scenes. Their ability to see the nuances of a situation, and think things through, gives them an edge over more outgoing personalities. These pragmatic thinkers communicate with facts, not fancy.

While Passion and Power personalities sometimes “over communicate,” people with primary Mystique are more likely to “under communicate.” Independent and analytical, they systematically gather evidence before reaching a conclusion and analyze statistics before making up their mind. They are good at managing their own work. They excel at decoding nuances. They skillfully outline strategies, but only after careful reflection.

These introverts naturally restrain their emotions, and are unlikely to succumb to the “mood du jour.” You might find it difficult to gauge what they really think, but this makes their conclusions more credible, because they’ve probably vetted their thinking before sharing it.

Measured, deliberate, and carefully prepared, they objectively weigh options rather than foolishly following advice. They carefully research before offering you their opinions.

They are independent, logical and observant.

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