People with primary PASSION Advantage can rapidly make emotional connections with customers, co-workers, and managers.

Our research on this Advantage includes 35,000 participants who have scored highest on PASSION when taking the Fascination Advantage Assessment.

Defining Personality Characteristics of Passion

sil passion Their ability to forge relationships builds wide networks, both socially and professionally.

Approachable and gregarious, they usually build rapport with prospects, customers, and colleagues, which allows them to excel in positions that re- quire strong interpersonal skills.

These social butterflies express themselves with animated facial expressions, body language, and vocal intonation. In pitches and presentations, this helps them add emphasis to the points they are making. Their expressive style keeps people focused and engaged.

You’ll usually know what they’re thinking. In fact, some might call them an open book. Passion makes their emotional state transparent to others. Their expressions are easy to read, immediately revealing their thoughts and emotions. And just as you can read their feelings, the Passion personality is attuned to yours.

They are expressive, intuitive and engaging.

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When you help someone become more fascinating, you can help her reach her potential. 

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