People with primary TRUST Advantage garner respect and maintain loyalty through their dependability and consistency in chaotic environments.

Our research reveals that this Advantage is more rare than others such as POWER or PASSION. Results from the Fascination Advantage Assessment found that only 15,000 participants’ use TRUST as their primary or secondary Advantage.

Defining Personality Characteristics of Trust

sil trustTheir consistency defines their reputation. They follow through on what they promise and deliver on time. They are dependable, committed, and trust- worthy—of course.

Steady and focused, they get things done. They like to follow a proven pattern.  Trust personalities make decisions that benefit the team even if that means extra work or complications for themselves. They prefer to work with familiar faces. Once they know you (and your way of working), you’ll get along extremely well. You know exactly what to expect from them. Trust personalities are usually hard workers. They’re committed to getting a job done.

Trust personalities won’t rock the boat. They follow tried-and-tested methods. Rather than being busybodies you’ll see them intensely focused on the tasks ahead.

Trust personalities add value by delivering on what they promise. They do as they say.

They are stable, dependable and familiar.

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