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Questions about Ryan Levesque’s ASK Method Masterclass? We got ya covered. My team and I are here until doors close. Jump on the live chat, below, with Team Fascinate.


What is the ASK Method?

The ASK Method is an approach developed by best-selling author Ryan Levesque that complements and helps grow every kind of business. At its core, it's about finding out what people want to buy before they even know what they want themselves--and then giving them exactly what they want. It's human nature to want a customized solution and that's exactly what the Ask Method will give your customers and prospects.

The ASK Method Masterclass is an online training that consists of 12 modules that walk you through the ASK Method to launch, grow or scale your business.  When you enroll, you'll receive a 10 week-implementation workshop, access to Ryan's swipe vault--which is packed full with 10 years of emails, website and marketing templates, 3-month access to the pro-level software for easy implementation in your business, access to the ASK online community and a ticket to ASK Live in November, and best of all--live coaching from Ryan and his team.

When you enroll in Ryan's Masterclass you will come away knowing who you should market to, what to say to them, and what they want you to sell them.

What will ASK Method do for your business?

You might be asking yourself, “Why do I need an assessment?” Smart question. The point here isn’t to have a frivolous Facebook quiz. The point is to grow your business and be perceived as THE authority in your field.

Benefits of a great assessment:

  • New framework for identifying and reaching your ideal customers
  • Revenue will multiply and become more predictable
  • Better understand your audience
  • Be seen as a thought leader
  • Uncover new lead sources
  • Simplify and reduce stress in your marketing



Celebrity Nutrition and Fitness Expert

“This has given me an entire mindset shift because what it’s done is given me a framework for how to look at best reaching our ideal customers, and better serving our ideal customers.”


Founder DigitalMarketer

“If paid traffic is what you’re after then you’re wise to study Ryan Levesque. His stuff is built for scale.”  


CEO, Mindsteps, Inc.

It seems so simple: Ask what they want before you give it to them. Intuitively we all know that we should do that. But Ryan lays out exactly how to do that, and in a way make your results more predictable.”    


A $4997 VALUE


Live Day with Sally - Creating Your Own Assessment

Join Sally at her home in Orlando for a full-day immersive training on how to develop a highly branded survey for your own business. This event will follow the 3 day ASK Live for which you will receive a free ticket as part of the ASK Method Masterclass. Sessions will be recorded for later distribution to all eligible participants.

How to Make a Brilliant First Impression: The Questions You Need to Jumpstart the Relationship

What are the questions you should ask to make a memorable first impression? In this live webinar and accompanying guidebook, Sally walks you through the ideal way to keep the conversation fluid and exciting. You'll learn tips for mastering presentations, introductions at networking events or even small talk at social gatherings.  

Exclusive Materials for Starting Your Business - Growing Your Revenue

Sally's hand-picked collection of How to Fascinate® materials that will compliment your implementation of the ASK Method in your business. This package is chock full of digital books, videos, cheatsheets, flipguides and worksheets that will show you ways to expand your marketing reach, without increasing your budget.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enroll in the ASK Method Masterclass now by clicking that magic orange button
  2. Await your welcome package to get started
  3. Watch for your free ticket and information on ASK Live in Orlando
  4. Make travel arrangements using Ryan’s recommendations
  5. Get ready to rock

I created this ginormous bonus specifically for students in Ryan’s ASK Method Masterclass. Ryan will show you how to apply the ASK Method to grow your business, and I’ll give you the exact words and phrases to compliment your process. I am an ASK Method Masterclass alum and Ryan is a good friend.  I’m 100% behind this program.

Quick caveat (please don’t be mad if you miss this): Enrollment in ASK Method Masterclass ends Friday July 27, at exactly midnight Pacific time. After, you'll have to wait until 2019. Hurry!


Live Day with Sally - Creating Your Own Assessment

To make your travel super easy, this day-long Live Event is immediately after Ryan’s ASK live event in Orlando, so you only have 1 flight and travel

I’m hosting you in my own Orlando home (“The House of Fascination”)

In our day together, I’ll show you how to...

  • Make a quiz so fascinating that people want more from you
  • Identify your absolute ideal prospects
  • New ways to increase revenue
  • Be perceived as a thought leader
  • Uncover new lead sources
  • Establish yourself as THE authority

“This Might be The Best Bonus I’ve Ever Heard Anyone Give” - Ryan Levesque

How to Make a Brilliant First Impression: The Questions You Need to Jumpstart the Relationship

In my research I found that 90% of introductions fail. Why? It’s not that you don’t want to fascinate your listener… you just don’t know HOW. But a weak first impression is a wasted opportunity (not to mention a little awkward!).

Good news: I developed a simple formula for any introduction. Follow my steps,  and you’ll know how to ask the right questions to get any interaction moving toward a real conversation, and then a relationship.

A little secret… I applied my exact formula when I first met Ryan. And the rest is history.

  • In this LIVE webinar I’ll show you...
  • The exact questions to fascinate your listeners
  • Tips to apply my formula in a new business presentation, networking event, or even a cocktail party
  • Strategies to start any type of conversation, from a new business meeting to a speech

Exclusive Materials for Growing Your Revenue

Want to grow your business, and become intensely valuable? First, do the ASK Method Masterclass.

Then check out this package of manuals and cheat sheets created just for you. I hand-picked this collection to compliment your new ASK Method process. These exclusive materials range from in-depth eBooks to speedy cheat-sheets.

  • What High Performers Do Differently
  • No-Holds-Marketing for Small Businesses
  • How to Turn Prospects into Fanatics
  • How to Be an Irresistible Conversationalist
  • How Personalities Work Together

Quick friendly disclaimer: You can’t find these materials on my website, so if you want my insider strategies, get ‘em here.




I created my assessment from the ground up way back in 2009, without having a clue what it could one day become. At that time, quizzes and surveys were still pretty new, and I had zero experience. Yet after leading campaigns for world-class brands like Coca-Cola and MINI Cooper, I understood that an assessment yields market research.

Fast forward to today’s results:

Over one million people have completed my assessment, including organizations such as Twitter, NASA, Porsche, and thousands of small businesses. It’s even taught in my own alma mater, Duke University.

Entrepreneurs all over the world send me stories of how the Fascination Advantage has dramatically increased their profits and grown their business. (I love getting those notes!)

The result isn’t just that I finally have a thriving business. The real gift is that monthly recurring revenue allows me to stop killing myself to work nonstop, and spend more time with family.

How this assessment has transformed sales and engagement:

“I’ve worked with some of the best people, products, resources and tools. But nothing transformed my business more or faster than using Sally’s program. So the outcome of that was...I doubled my daily fee. It means I am working half the amount of time and making twice the amount of money. Life has changed."
~ Marcia Weider, Founder of Dream University® and repeat guest on Oprah

“The groundbreaking Fascinate personality test literally had our room of 500 executives standing up from their chairs to get every detail.”
~ Verne Harnish, world-renowned founder of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization)

“The Fascination Advantage is a revolutionary new way for professionals to understand what kind of first impression you're making, every time you communicate."
~ Paul Jackson, CEO and Publisher, HousingWire

“The Fascination System allowed our employees to be more productive by understanding each other’s strengths… In fact, we literally signed more new business in the first month than all of last year, and more sizable business than the last four years.”
~ Daina Middleton, CEO, Ansira


Questions about this remarkable bonus? We’d love to help! Just click on that chat button over there.

What is the deadline for registering for the ASK Method Masterclass?

ASK Method Masterclass 2018 registration closes Friday July 27 2018 at 11:59pm PDT.

How can I get Sally's amazing bonus and enroll in the ASK Method Masterclass?

It's just 2 simple clicks to get to the check out process. Click any of the yellow buttons on this page that say "Yes, I want Sally's amazing bonus!" and then when you are redirected, click the green "Enroll Now" button on the top of the ASK page. Then simply provide your information, select your payment option and you will be enrolled in ASK Method Masterclass AND receive all of Sally's bonuses!

Why did Sally decide to partner with Ryan Levesque?

Ryan is the very best at what he does. Not only has he developed an effective system for launching or scaling successful businesses, he has actually put it in practice to launch several of his very own businesses. As an ASK Method Masterclass alum and good friend of Ryan's, Sally sees the ASK Method as the perfect complement to the Fascinate Advantage system, adding the tools to grow the business of your dreams online using a sound system for capturing the attention of a distracted world by asking the right questions.

I’ve seen a lot of different ASK Method bonuses. What makes Sally’s bonus special?

Combining Ryan's strategies for building an effective survey to understand your customer's biggest challenges with the Fascination Advantage system is like adding rocket fuel to your business plan. Sally's bonus, added to the components of the ASK Method Masterclass  is the perfect combination of understanding what your customers and prospects want and refining your own marketing message.

How will my bonus be delivered to me?

You will receive an email about how to access to all your bonus goodies in late August.

I have not received any of my bonus items yet, why not?

The bonuses will not be available to redeem until August 28th. At that time, provided you remain enrolled in the ASK Method Masterclass, you’ll get an email from us about when and how you can redeem your bonuses.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! Ryan is offering a payment plan to make the ASK Method Masterclass more accessible for folks who are watching their cash flow! Choose to pay in full for $1999, or choose 6 monthly payments of $374.

I can’t attend in November. Will I still get this bonus?

We’d love to have you join us, but understand things come up. If you cannot attend live in November, you’ll receive the full recording, materials, and follow-up live webinar!

How is this different than how the ASK Method will teach me to create an assessment?

Ryan will focus on logistics such as the types of questions to ask, and how to set up email funnels, how to focus on what type of product your customers are likely to buy, and more! Sally will be showing you how to turn Ryan’s teaching into a fascinating branded experience, so that it reflects how your brand is different and and insider tips for getting exactly the data you need.

Click the graphic below to review my Geeky Notes from the ASK Method Workshop... just a preview of what you'll discover in the Masterclass!