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WHAT IS Myers Briggs?

Myers Briggs test has been around since 1917. It’s based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychology. The personality test provides a framework for building better relationships, driving positive charges, and harness innovation. It’s been used a lot in business and career planning. However, this was not the initial intent and is not inherently suited to be used outside of psychology.

myers briggs personality test

What is the difference between the
Fascination Advantage® personality test and Myers Briggs?

Being nearly one hundred years old, you cannot find new studies by Carl Jung, Katherine Co-ok Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Myers. Fascination Advantage System creator Sally Hogshead is still writing new content for our system suited for today’s world. Myers Briggs test is scattered across multiple sites and acts more like a franchise.

The Fascination Personality Test is built on branding, not psychology.

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We have multiple training options to offer. Our Fascinate Certified Advisor program received high discounts on our products and support from us. In addition to that, we have several self-training packages for teams. All this in an effort to help teams become their best. We offer more centralized, and quality-controlled services.

This brings to light the major different between Myers Briggs and the Fascination Advantage System. For instance, just searching for Myers Briggs you will find sites like 16Personalities and Human Metrics. They both follow the same system, but provide different levels of services and create their own products. Fascinate is its own company that has rights to its own intellectual property. This allows us to carefully monitor quality and the accuracy of our works.


Most tests show you how you see the world, our test shows you how the world sees you.

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