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The DiSC® Profile


The DiSC profile is another test commonly used in the business world. It is a leading personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication. The assessment helps people discuss the behavioral differences and provide a common language to teams. However, much like Myers Briggs they are hurt by having their presence scatter across multiple sites.

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What is the difference between the
Fascination Advantage® personality test and the DiSC Profile?

Fascinate has a big focus on team training by offering training sessions as well as self-service team products. The DiSC profile has a great focus on how to be more productive, but with not many team products. Fascinate offers discounts on team profiles, advisor training, and self-training for teams. Additionally, we offer data on how your team compares to itself but also to other teams.

Discover your communication style

The DiSC Profile is great for finding your place in a team and adapting your behaviors. Firstly, Fascinate focuses more on how others view you and then finding your personalities' natural advantages. We don’t tell you to change yourself, but to become more of yourself. Our test is based around creating your own personal brand to stand out in a world with shorter attention spans.


"Your personality is the greatest differentiator you have."
- Sally Hogshead

Most tests show you how you see the world, our test shows you how the world sees you.

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