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Are there specific careers that go best with each Archetype or Advantage?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because every situation and personality is unique. There are patterns though that we can begin to see. If you’d like to see how the Advantages correlate to level of seniority, gender and industry – read Part III of How the World Sees You. For a quick reference, you can take a look at our research page.

What is a “Double Trouble” and how do I avoid it?

Every Archetype fascinates in its own unique way. A Double Trouble is not an Archetype you can score as, but rather a situation you can slip in to. Double Troubles are when you “double up” on you primary Advantage because you are in a stressful situation. An example of a Double Trouble is The Old Guard (Trust + Trust).

To avoid Double Trouble mode, balance your personality out with your second highest Advantage, and try to avoid situations that require you to tap into your dormant Advantage. This will help you stay levelheaded and out of Double Trouble mode.

What is the “Twin?” What distinguishes one from the other?

The Twin is the Archetype that most closely resembles your own. So if Sally Hogshead is The Catalyst (Passion + Innovation), her twin is The Rockstar (Innovation + Passion). Your Twin could be you on a different day, in a slightly different situation. When creating your Anthem you can pull adjectives from both your Archetype and your Twin. For a detailed explanation of both Archetypes and how they fascinate differently, read Part II of How the World Sees You. If you would just like to see the different adjectives associated with your Twin, look them up on the Archetype Matrix.

My Archetype name has changed, but my Advantages are still the same.

After some research on how people interact with their Archetypes, we updated some of the Archetype names. The Advantage combination is still the same.