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I scored the same on two Advantages. What does that mean?

For simplicity’s sake, the Fascination Advantage Profile shows the scores of each Advantage rounded to the nearest full point. In reality, though, the assessment measures your scores for each Advantage to the nearest 1/100th of a point.

So while it may show up as you having the same score for two or more Advantages, your profile does actually score your highest Advantage as your primary and your second-highest Advantage as your secondary.

I want to buy profiles for my team. Is there a discount available?

Yes, you can save between 20% and 60% when you purchase multiple profiles in one order.


How do I give the Fascination Advantage® Profile as a gift?

Fascination Profiles make the perfect gift for just about anyone. Recent graduates can use the profile to create standout resumes and cover letters. Business owners and entrepreneurs can use the profile to position themselves as distinctly valuable to clients. And of course, goal-oriented professionals can use the profile as a way to leverage what they are already doing right.


How can my organization benefit from using this system?

The Fascination Advantage system can help your company to:
  • Attract customers and create sales
  • Make the best of a first impression
  • Recruit and retain talent for optimal business potential
  • Build and maintain relationships – with employees, clients and partners
I think my profile is incorrect. Can I re-take the assessment?

Your Fascination Advantage Archetype is based on the Advantages that reflect how the world is most likely to see you. This might feel unfamiliar at first, because you’re likely more accustomed to thinking of yourself according to how you see the world. Yet please be assured, your results are based on our experience with over 700,000 participants.

How can I print or download a copy of my report?

Log into your Fascination Advantage account. Select My Fascination Profile. Click to view your profile through our legacy customer portal. On the next screen, click Download My Report (PDF) in the ACCOUNT MENU in the left sidebar. Depending on how your browser is set for downloads, it will either open up in your web browser or ask you to Open or Save the file. Once you’ve opened the PDF file, you can print it.

I've purchased profiles for my team. How do I distribute them?

STEP 1: Log in to share the profile credits in your account.

STEP 2: Click "My Team Profiles" to access your credits through our legacy customer portal.

STEP 3: Click on the Send Test button in the ACCOUNT MENU on the left sidebar. You’ll then see your unique URL and the instructions to send the test to your team members.

STEP 4: On the Send Test page, you’ll also see a VIEW COMPLETED REPORTS button where you can view their profiles once they have taken the assessment.

Each person that you send the URL to will set up their own Fascination Advantage account, and they will be able to view their profile immediately once they complete the test.

When you purchase additional profiles, be sure to use the same email address each time. This will ensure that all of your credits are kept in one account.

How can I view my client’s or employee's profile?

There are 2 ways to share the assessment–the method you’ve chosen will determine how you can access the profile.

Sharing an “invitation link” from your Fascination Advantage account
Your Fascination Advantage account is where you go to view your own test results. When you share your “invitation link” from inside your Fascination Advantage account, you are sharing a pre-purchased assessment. This means that you “own” the results. These results are automatically added to your account and can be accessed by following these steps:

1. Log in at HowToFascinate.com
2. Click the “My Team Profiles” button
3. Find the yellow button that says “View Completed Reports” for the type of assessment you’ve shared (Full or Express)
4. Click the View Completed Reports button and download or view the report you’d like to see

Sharing your Affiliate (or “Tracking”) Link from the Referral Partner Center
When you share your Affiliate (or “tracking”) link, recipients must purchase the assessment themselves. A good rule of thumb to remember is, “She who purchases the assessment, gets the profile.” So when you share your Affiliate link, your recipient buys the assessment and gets the profile. In order to see the results, you’ll need to ask your recipient to share them with you as a downloaded or printed file.