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Today, strengths matter less, and differences matter far more. If you've used traditional personality tests in your business, you probably already know about strengths. But in a crowded or competitive market, everyone has strengths. Strengths become a commodity. To stand out, your clients must know something else: what makes them different. Because that's what makes them fascinating.

We created our Fascinate Partner Program just for YOU. Think of this as the absolute fastest, easiest way to leverage the Fascinate System in your business.

As a Fascinate Partner you will be licensed to sell the Fascinate test and products. The Fascinate Partner Program is a fantastic fit for anyone who wants to help their clients or team members see themselves at their best. Use your own Fascination Advantage to spread the message to your clients, or within your own organization. Share the products, and share in the revenue.

Sell, persuade, empower, and connect with others as never before.



You'll be guided through Sally's favorite product for building an influential and impressive personal brand. In this 5-module course, you'll discover the perfect words to use as your personal brand's tagline, your Fascinate Anthem. Use this exclusive learning to grow your business and train your clients on developing their own personal brands.


There’s a way in which your clients and team are most likely to add distinct value. You'll receive access to step-by-step video tutorials on how to interpret your clients' Fascinate test results, and how to guide them through developing a personal brand using Sally's favorite tool, Ultimate Personal Brand Playbook.


Get access to our most successful tools to present and train your customers on the Fascinate System.  Sally has hand-picked her favorites including: worksheets, workbooks, e-books, scripts and shareables. Receive custom links to drive traffic to our website, and earn commissions on sales.


We’ve created materials to help you drive traffic to the Fascinate website and landing pages. Utilize as many or as few resources as you want. Using the links, banners, and other resources we provide, you’ll earn 20% commission on each sale of Fascinate products.


With your Fascinate Partner knowledge and investment, upgrade to the Fascinate Certified Advisor™ Program. As a Fascinate Partner you're eligible for exclusive discounts on registration fees and priority reservation in the class of your choice.

What do I need to do to get licensed?

  • Enroll in the Fascinate Partner Program course at introductory pricing of $997 (regularly $1497)
  • Complete the Fascinate Partner Program application and other paperwork to set up your account and system for receiving commission payments
  • Complete the 5-module Ultimate Personal Brand Playbook training program to develop your Anthem and build a differentiating personal brand.
  • Review the Fascinate Partner Program training videos to learn how to promote, sell and deliver Fascinate tests and personal brand products to your own network.

The Fascinate Partner Program


Exclusive video training on fine-tuning your own personal brand and positioning with Ultimate Personal Brand Playbook.


The Fascinate System has improved the team performance of Fortune 500 companies and skyrocketing startups, in every industry: manufacturing, financial services, real estate, health and wellness, marketing and more.


Add a completely different assessment to your toolkit. Fascinate is the only test that focuses on how the world sees you to help boost confidence, improve communication and develop an authentic personal brand.


Show clients what they're already doing right, so they can focus on doing more of it. Reveal their "quicksand" activities that they should avoid or delegate.


Promote your affiliation with the system discovered by Sally Hogshead, Global Brand Guru, New York Times bestselling author, and Hall of Fame speaker.


Fascinate has studied over a million professionals, and built a robust system, leveraging our proprietary research.

Using Fascinate in Your Business

Tara McMullin


Founder and CEO of podcast and small business support network, What Works

“I am ridiculously excited to go back to my business and really take things up a notch with both what I learned and how I'm going to implement the Fascination Advantage system in my own business. I would absolutely recommend this training to another coach or consultant. In fact, I'm going to be recommending all of my coaches go through this training as well and start using the Fascination Advantage system in their own businesses."

Timi Gleason


Author, Strategic Planner and Leadership Coach

"I am SURE that Fascination Advantage is the missing prototype for many people who can't imagine what else they could do, and have no clue how people really see them. It's so easy to feel demoralized these days, but the Fascination Archetypes opened my eyes. For ten minutes of time, I discovered my unique professional contribution, and the specific services and behaviors that others need from me. And now, I use this insightful tool to help bring uplifting clarity to my clients' lives."

Aisha DeBerry


Director of Physician and Provider Recruitment, PCOM

"I have 20 years of recruitment experience. The system is the perfect compliment to what I am currently doing. It is like no other system and it helps individuals become the best versions of themselves."

Still have questions?

I'm not familiar with the Fascinate® System. What is it?

Your personality has one primary Advantage. It’s how you add value. It’s what makes you different and better. Think of it like a natural superpower for your personality. When you communicate using this Advantage, you earn more attention, and more revenue. Our personality test measure how the world sees you at your best. Get introduced to our system with this video.

Where are Fascinate Partner Program training sessions held?

Our virtual training is self-guided.  You will receive links to the materials and can make your way through them at your leisure, from the comfort of your own home or office.

Why is Ultimate Personal Brand Playbook™ included in the Partner Program training materials?

We want to give our affiliates our best tools to improve their business. The Playbook gives everyone in the program a fundamental understanding of the science of Fascination, and it will help you feel more confident as you grow your business. For Fascinate Partners, we offer this program as part of your registration.

How will becoming a Fascinate Partner affect my income?

With a 20% commission on Fascinate products, it is easy to start bring in supplementary income as a Partner. The level of income you can achieve is dependent upon your efforts and use of your own Advantages.

How much does it cost to become a Fascinate Partner?

We are currently offering introductory pricing of $997 on our Fascinate Partner Program registration. Regular pricing will be $1497.

How long does it take to complete the Fascinate Partner Program training materials?

The Fascinate Academy and Positioning the Fascinate System videos total around 2 hours.The Ultimate Personal Brand Playbook program is a five-module program that would be a lot to take in in one sitting. You should probably count on spending at least an hour on each module, and get through it in several consecutive evenings or over a weekend. But you also may want to take it more slowly, focusing on one module a week for a month or so. The pace you take is completely up to you.

Is the Fascinate Partner Program right for me?

This program was designed so that you can make (or save) money using and sharing Fascinate® products. If this is what you want to do, then the Partner Program is perfect for you!

I have a question not listed here.

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