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The Winning Combination to Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

5 Days To Your Best Year Ever + The Ultimate Personal Brand™ Playbook

The Ultimate Personal Brand™ playbook includes:

Your playbook comes with everything you need to build a professional personal brand, including instructional audio files, videos, and 5 workbooks with interactive exercises, templates, and examples.

Template for making your LinkedIn profile more distinctive

Pitch openers for prospects and networking events

Customized ways to target your blog and website to your audience

Do It Yourself Branding System

Build and apply your personal brand strategy with the Ultimate Personal Brand™ Playbook

Discover your most valuable differences

In module 1, you will learn what energizes you and keeps you in the flow, the three threats to your communication and how your differences make you valuable

See how the world sees you at your best

In module 2, you will learn about your primary, secondary, dormant Advantages and your "Fascination fingerprint". You will have actionable tips on how to use your Advantages and your Specialty Adjectives.

Build your own Anthem

In module 3, you will learn your communication “home base”, where to find your perfect words and the difference between who you are and what you do, as well as, how to complete your own Anthem.

Apply your Anthem in business

In module 4, you will learn how to polish your Anthem. How to figure out your customer’s biggest pain point and how your Anthem solves your customer's problem, as well as, how to create marketing copy to expand your Anthem.

Live your Anthem

In module 5, you will see clear Anthem examples, tips on where to include your new Anthem,  activities to elevate your Anthem and future learning opportunities.