How to Fascinate

You're fascinating, !

There are certain qualities within YOU that are intensely persuasive. These qualities are going to be the most impressive, on the most occasions, to the most people.
How They Fascinate How They Lead How They Communicate
Innovation The language of creativity They get creative. They encourage alternative ideas, use new techniques. They tweak traditional conversation.
Passion The language of relationship They connect with emotion. They build loyalty by building strong relationships. They immediately create an emotional connection.
Power The language of confidence They lead with authority. They earn respect through achievement. They speak with authority and control.
Prestige The language of excellence They set the standard for others. They define new, higher standards. They seek results and respect.
Trust The language of stability They build loyalty. They build relationships through dependability. They bring reliable consistency.
Mystique The language of listening They listen with care. They maintain an air of mystery. They listen carefully, and observe.
Alert The language of details They protect the details. They motivate others with urgency and deadlines. They focus on the task at hand.
You could use any of them, in theory, but there is one that is going to be the most effective for you. The one that comes most naturally, the way that you most effortlessly and effectively communicate.
Your Primary Advantage is your most persuasive means of communication — where you have the greatest likelihood of influencing others.

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  • Detailed 16-page Fascinate Profile.
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Building Beyond Your Complete Profile

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