Once you know what makes you valuable to others, you’re more authentic and confident, and more likely to make a positive impression.

How can I create a personal brand?

Getting started can be difficult. You might wonder what value you can bring, what makes you unique from the crowd? How can you get the job?

Our system is built around the world seeing you at your best. Every bit of content is based around creating your own personal brand to help you stand out in a world of 9-second attention spans. We created Fascination Academy as a way to guide you through the process of creating your own personal brand.

In Fascination Academy we’ve put together our three most powerful tools to help you create your own personal brand.

It comes in three parts.

  1. The Fascination Personality Test. Answer 28 questions to help us pinpoint your personality’s strong points.
  1. The Fascination Complete Profile. Get a complete breakdown of how you are most likely to capture others attention and stand out.
  1. Creating your personal brand statement. We call these “Anthems”. They show your own unique value in just a few words.

Throughout this training, you will be guided by Sally Hogshead, creator of the Fascination system. Sally is an advertising veteran, with years of experience with brands like Nike, Godiva, Aflax and Mini Cooper. This focused course will help you develop your personal brand, and give you immediate steps to start fascinating.