• 16-page Fascinate Profile that reveals how you’re seen, so you can be seen at your best.
  • One-minute coaching video modules that give you the exact words and phrases to position yourself and tips on situations to avoid.
  • The Fascinate Resume Builder™ tool which outlines the precise language to use on your resume, online profile, and in response to interview questions or general presence-building activities.
One-Hour Personal Brand kit + Fascinate Test
  • Everything included with the Fascinate Test, plus:
  • 30-page workbook to help you identify the situations where you excel, and create an extraordinary personal brand.
  • Step-by-step video tutorial to guide you through crafting your very own Anthem, a tagline for your personality.
Ultimate Personal Brand
Playbook + Fascinate Test
  • Everything included with the Fascinate Test, plus:
  • Five modules of workbooks, worksheets and dynamic video tutorials to help you magnify your unique abilities, and strengthen your presence...everywhere.
  • Exclusive multimedia bonus resources for building an extraordinary personal brand, including step-by-step tactics for creating a communications strategy that highlights how you add unique value.