Get your team fascinating

A little lost? We know there are a lot of options. Here are three no-fuss ways to get your team fascinating.


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Option 1: Taking the personality test

The essence of Fascinate comes from our personality test. So our simplest option is to have your team take the test.

Some teams choose to take the test then discuss it around a party or meeting. This is a simple, fun way to get your team fascinating. Choose a lead and have him or her purchase the tests to distribute and facilitate the discussion.

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Click here for a guide on how to utilize team profiles.

Option 2: Self-guided training kit

This provides a lot more structure then taking the tests. Our self-guided training takes the load off the facilitator and lets the team learn from the creator of our system herself, Sally Hogshead. Our best-selling team product is our Leadership Bundle.

It includes over 90 minutes of video with three workbooks that includes team-communication activities. Teams can watch Sally Hogshead explain how each individual can start communicating at their highest value. Then use team building exercising to immediately start creating value in the workplace. It also includes 20 profiles for your team.

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Click here for a guide on using a self-guided training kit.

Option 3: Live training

Because we can't be everywhere at once, we created a program of vetted business coaches who know our system inside and out.

Our advisors can come to your company and give your team an in-depth view of how each of them adds value in the workplace. Our advisors received training directly from us, and they can masterfully guide you through our system. Advisors have training materials straight from us, and can help you make specific decisions on the sort of training you want.

Our advisors are all over North America, and around the world.

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