Stand out from the competition
and confidently position yourself for your dream job.

No fluff, no abstract theory.

Think of this as a crash course in YOU: your personality, your assets, your key differences. We’ll uncover your most distinctive qualities, and package them into a memorable sound-bite that gets attention.

Get the words to:

  • Sharpen your resume copy to confidently position yourself for your dream job.
  • Stand out from the competition to be the best candidate for the position.
  • Ace the interview to set up a great career path.

What's included in my

One Hour Personal Brand Kit for Students

Video lesson

From one of the world’s top branding experts, Sally Hogshead.

Interactive workbook

Self-guided, step-by-step lesson in how to select the perfect words to position yourself.

Must-have tips

“Warning” signs and about how you could be turning people off.

BONUS: Fascinate Profile

16-page report and 1-minute coaching video revealing your most valuable qualities.

Meet Sally, your branding instructor...

Hi! I’m Sally Hogshead, best-selling author and copywriter for some of the world’s most admired brands: Nike, Godiva, Coca Cola, Mini Cooper... (to name a few).

Over the past 10 years of studying personal branding, I’ve measured what makes people and brands fascinating. I've looked at the communication patterns of over a million people just like you and me.

And I hear the same problem over and over… “I want to stand out... But I don't know how!”

Most people do realize that they need to impress and influence people to gain access to opportunities. They just don’t know HOW to do it. And as a result, we are less successful than we could be.

Do you have unmet potential? If you knew exactly how to position yourself in the marketplace, could you earn more? Could you secure a place in your first-choice college or graduate program? Could you land your dream job after graduation?

In this quick guide, I will help you uncover your most valuable traits.

All in less than one hour...

"Your personality is the greatest differentiator you have."
- Sally Hogshead

See what others are saying about the one-hour personal brand kit for students:

Kelley Notaro Schreiber, Director, Communications & Media Relations at Greater Cleveland Partnership

"One of my former bosses shared a little information as to why I was selected for the position at the Cleveland Museum of Art. She said what made me stand out from everyone else who had applied was my branding strategy. Those three little words from my Fascinate Profile, “clear-cut, accurate and meticulous,” that I used at the top of my resume/cover letter, did it for me."

Allison Kluger, Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Our students LOVED the class with Sally’s work. Many students have come up to me since our class and told me that knowing these qualities about themselves have made them more thoughtful and strategic about how they think about themselves.

Craig Davis, Associate Professor of Advertising, E. W. Scripps School of Journalism

"My students are often surprised at how accurate the How to Fascinate program is in describing their strengths. When students know they are a catalyst, or the mediator, or the ace, they can remember this metaphor in high-pressure job interview situations. How to Fascinate makes it easy for students to showcase their strengths when interviewing for that first job."

Joanne Tombrakos, Adjunct Professor, NYU School of Professional Studies

"For over ten years, the Fascinate® Test has been an excellent tool to help my students and my private clients better understand the importance of differentiation in a noisy marketplace and how important that is for all brands, including themselves!"

An hour from now,

you could have:

A targeted headline

For your LinkedIn profile, bio, resume, or website

The exact words

To sell your most marketable traits

A tagline

For your personality that describes what you do best


In your natural competitive advantages

An hour from now, you could have…

A targeted headline for your bio, resume, or website, several ways to prove you are different than others competing for your job, specific words to summarize yourself and confidence in your natural competitive advantages