Take your team from discouraged to unstoppable

The first thing people say when they get their Fascination Profile is, “I wish my wife, my husband, my friend, my partner, my boss could take this.” The second thing they say is, “I wish my team could take this.” Your wish is our command.

Team Discount

We offer savings on the Fascination Test for groups and teams because we know how much they benefit from this information. Experience the transformation for yourself when your team discovers how each team member fascinates! You will be able to map data, improve working relationships and make plans for future growth!



Custom Event Codes

We can make your next event unforgettable. Choose an event code that reflects your brand or conference theme.

When attendees take the assessment, they will enter your custom code to receive access to their Complete or Express Fascination Profiles.

Included: You'll get the raw data on everyone who uses your code, including the complete breakdown of their Advantages, delivered in a convenient spreadsheet format.

Price: $150 per code


*Fascination Profiles sold separately


Profile Subscriptions

Are you a professor or an instructor using the Fascination Advantage® with your classes?

Subscriptions are the most economical way to help your students discover their most fascinating qualities. Help them land the job of their dreams, develop a standout professional brand, or simply gain a greater understanding of their own distinct communication styles.

We offer special pricing for non-profit organizations.

Contact us for pricing information.

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