Boost your team's performance.

To retain your top talent, building a cohesive team has never been more important.

Fascinate® Tests for your team

Cultivate Understanding

Identify communication patterns, revealing to your team how to better interact with each other, and how to connect with clients and partners.

Boost Morale

Fascinate® identifies what people are already doing right, so they feel valued and are inspired to support each other.

Accelerate Performance

Discover how each person is different and uniquely suited to excel in a “specialty,” empowering them to tap into the qualities that will be most valuable to the team.

“The Fascinate System is remarkably accurate, and has immediate applicability in terms of providing an actionable roadmap for team interactions! There are so many personality assessments out there, and this is the first and only one to give clear road map of how others see you, show you your blind spots, and work more effectively with others. I used this as an icebreaker at a recent all-hands meeting, and the energy was immediately moving around the room as everyone interacted on a whole new level.” - Karyn Scott, VP, Global Marketing AppDynamics

Inspire Your Team

Other tests give you a psychological evaluation. We provide you with a tactical roadmap for achieving team balance.

We give you and your team members tools to increase confidence and understanding.

Combining proprietary Kelton Research Study results with data from over one million professionals, we reveal who your team members are at their highest and best.

“In one hour, Sally transformed how our employees think and work. The lasting results have been incredible. The Fascination System allowed our employees to be more productive by understanding each other’s strengths, and enabled our sales team to personalize each sales meeting on the customer’s communication. We literally signed more new business in the first month than all of last year, and more sizable business than the last four years.” -Daina Middleton, Principal at Larcen Consulting Group


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The Best Team Ever kit is a step-by-step system to build high-functioning  teams and improve individual performance. It’s ideal for a half-day offsite meeting, a lunch-and-learn series, or even video calls with a remote team. This kit is not available for sale on our website--it's only available through this special offer.


  • Team discussion guide

  • Games and activities for teams

  • Personality cheat sheets

  • Tips on how to read people

  • Fascinate presentation slides


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