Your guide to a more productive team

The carefully researched exercises included in Your High-Performing Team will allow you to:

  • Identify optimal roles for each team member
  • Predict who will work best together
  • Understand how each person manages his time
  • Recognize leadership qualities in high-performers

What's included in

Your high performing team

3 visually striking, detailed online reference manuals with checklists, critical thinking exercises, practical suggestions

Convenient access to training materials through a user-friendly online portal

45 Minutes of coaching with a Fascinate Certified Advisor™ to help you understand how to lead and support your team.

Meet Sally, creator of Your High Performing Team

World-class branding expert Sally Hogshead has discovered a new way to measure how people perceive your communication. Find out what makes you intensely valuable to others, so the world will see you at your best.

Hogshead rose to the top of the advertising world in her early 20s, writing ads that fascinated millions of consumers. Over the course of her ad career, Hogshead won hundreds of awards for creativity, copywriting and branding, and was one of the most awarded advertising copywriters right from start of career, including earning almost every major international advertising award.

Sally is the creator of the Fascination Advantage® Assessment: the world’s first personality test that measures what makes someone most engaging to others. Unlike Myers-Briggs or StrengthsFinder™, this assessment is not about how you see the world–but how the world sees you.

"Your personality is the greatest differentiator you have."
- Sally Hogshead

See what others are saying:

"In one hour, Sally transformed how our employees think and work. The lasting results have been incredible. The Fascination System allowed our employees to be more productive by understanding each other’s strengths, and enabled our sales team to personalize each sales meeting on the customer’s communication. In fact, we literally signed more new business in the first month than all of last year, and more sizable business than the last four years."
Daina MiddletonPrincipal at Larcen Consulting Group
“For me, identifying employees with a range of skills is not an effective approach. Instead, we take a personality-based approach and hand select professionals whose best contributions are the highest use of their talents. Our team-based selling process has saved us countless hours in hiring, and has boosted our sales by almost 50%.”
Joe CountsPresident, Commonwealth Planning
"The Fascinate System is remarkably accurate, and has immediate applicability in terms of providing an actionable roadmap for team interactions! There are so many personality assessments out there, and this is the first and only one to give clear road map of how others see you, to instantly know your blind spots, and work more effectively with others. I used this as an icebreaker at a recent all-hands meeting, and the energy was immediately moving around the room as everyone interacted on a whole new level."
Karyn ScottVice President, Global Marketing AppDynamics
“I send all my employees through the Fascination Advantage test. It helps me better understand how to lead a team of people with very different personalities… thank you for creating a test that a) works b) is quick and easy and c) helps me be a better manager and create a stronger team.”
R. Joshua WhittonChief Marketing Officer, Divisional Vice President, Sears Holdings Corporation

Put the Full Power of Fascination to Work for You & Your Team

In a distracted and competitive world, It’s not your customer’s job to know what makes you different. It’s not your manager’s responsibility to figure out what makes you valuable. The same goes for your co-workers and clients.