The early years of Fascination

It began with a new car, chocolate and Nike shoes (as all good things do).


The Study of Fascination is the first in-depth national study about fascination in the workplace. We commissioned this study with top global marketing research firm, Kelton Global.

After becoming one of the most awarded advertising copywriters in the world for such brands as MINI Cooper, BMW, Nike, Godiva, Coca-Cola, How To Fascinate Founder and CEO, Sally Hogshead, began to explore why some advertising campaigns are successful and others fail.

Her studies took her into the fields of neurology, linguistics, biological anthropology, and the economics of purchase decisions. What did she find?

All roads led back to the age-old concept of fascination.

The research and development that followed produced the Fascination Advantage® assessment, now with over 700,000 participants from companies such as Cisco, AT&T, Unilever, GE, Twitter and Porsche, to name a few.

Every individual who takes the Assessment gains a deeper understanding of how to bring value in careers and relationships. In the process, the collective data gives us a deeper understanding of communication within groups and organizations.

"When it comes to communication, boring is the kiss of death."
- Sally Hogshead