Employee retention

Losing one employee can be a huge loss.

You lose a chunk of experience that is felt much more strongly than in a large company. So of course, employee retention becomes more important the smaller a company gets. It's easy for this cycle to continue before it's recognized, and all that experience is gone.

Still, what can you do keep employees? What tools do you have available to you?

If your company is struggling with retention

We believe the first step is understanding. Once you know your team’s advantages, you can see its composition. Perhaps you are filled with Power advantages, and you constantly lose Mystique employees? We can help you by showing what’s the best way to keep Mystique archetypes on your side. Our system provides examples of how different personalities work together, and how to can increase engagement and retention.

Increase employee retention with the science of fascination.

"Most assessments show how you see the world, only one shows how the world sees you"
- Sally Hogshead


We offer savings on the Fascination Personality Test for groups and teams because we know how much they benefit from this information. Experience the transformation for yourself when your team discovers how they fascinate! You will then be able to map the data, develop improve working relationships and make plans for future growth!