Fascination Happens Deep Within The Brain


You know this feeling in your personal life. It’s when you’re reading a book, and you’re so consumed that you don’t notice time going by because you’re immersed.

When researchers look at the human brain in an MRI scan, in a state of fascination, the brain lights up in a state of relaxed happiness.

Athletes call this being “in the zone.” In these almost magical moments of concentration, the athlete has the potential to achieve her ultimate goals. Yet these moments aren’t magic. They are predictable and controllable. And you can create them at will.


In a state of fascination, you’re effortlessly in the flow. You’re confident. You’re not self-conscious. You’re not stressed by doubt or distraction.

In this state, you can achieve your greatest breakthroughs. Fascination is one of the most powerful experiences in all of humanity.

When you fascinate your listeners, they get “in the flow” with you.

They want to connect with you. Their barriers drop. They stop being skeptical or cynical. They are more likely to believe what you say and trust your opinion.

This isn’t about being interesting… this is about being influential.

If your message successfully fascinates a prospect, he will become instantly focused. It’s almost as if you’ve electrified a magic hot button in his brain.

This response is involuntary. You can’t help but respond the same way as every other human, because this response lives in the primitive limbic part of the brain.

Once fascinated, your prospect will be far more likely to listen to you and take action on what you say. So when you’re giving a presentation, and you use this mode of communication, you’re more likely to influence the outcome.

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