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Find out your personality's #1 Advantage

Our flagship personality brand analysis identifies your personality's top Advantage at work. Unlike other tests, this doesn’t measure how you see the world… it measures how the world sees you.

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Fascination Anthem Builder

An “Anthem” is a very short phrase, only two or three words. It’s the tagline for your personality. Your Anthem describes how you are different, and what you do best.

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"In one hour, Sally transformed how our employees think and work. The lasting results have been incredible."
~ Daina Middelton, CEO, Performics

"The groundbreaking Fascinate personality assessment literally had our room of 500 executives standing up from their chairs to get every detail."
~ Verne Harnish, founder of Fortune Growth Summit, CEO Gazelles

The 49 Personality Archetypes

This is cool: See how your personality Archetype compares to everyone else on your team, with our new interactive matrix. (Are you The Secret Weapon? Or The Beloved? Or Maestro, or The Mastermind? Let’s see...)

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Soon, we’ll be rolling out our training programs and online curriculum. To learn more about how we can drive growth for your employees and your brand, contact our helpful team.



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Thursday, Jul 24, 2014
This is an excerpt on the Passion Advantage, from best-selling book,  How The World Sees You . To get a thorough look into what makes these personalities tick, how they contribute in work, how to work with them, and how they communicate their highest value, read more in  How The World Sees You .  Passion people speak the language of relationship.  Their ability to forge relationships builds wide networks, both socially and professionally. At a cocktail party, standing in line, they effortlessly strike up conversations with whoever happens to be next to...Read More
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