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GET YOUR ASSESSMENT NOW The Fascination Advantage® Assessment will show you the how the world sees you—at your best. It takes just 5 minutes to discover your natural communication advantages.
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"The groundbreaking Fascinate personality assessment literally had our room of 500 executives standing up from their chairs to get every detail."
- Verne Harnish, CEO, Gazelles

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TEAM TRAINING ON DEMAND Promote a culture of engagement within your team. This robust training platform includes management tools and bonus resources, to ensure that your team stays focused, confident and productive.
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About Sally Hogshead
SALLY HOGSHEAD, CEO & Founder Over the past decade, I've measured what makes people and brands fascinating. I've looked at the communication patterns of more than 600,000 people just like you and me...
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VIEW THE RESEARCH Introducing the first science-based personality brand system for professionals. Stand out, be remembered, and add more value.
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Find out your personality's #1 Advantage

Our flagship personality brand analysis identifies your personality's top Advantage at work. Unlike other tests, this doesn’t measure how you see the world… it measures how the world sees you.

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Ultimate Personal Brand™ playbook

An “Anthem” is a very short phrase, only two or three words. It’s the tagline for your personality. Your Anthem describes how you are different, and what you do best.

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The 49 Personality Archetypes

This is cool: See how your personality Archetype compares to everyone else on your team, with our new interactive matrix. (Are you The Secret Weapon? Or The Beloved? Or Maestro, or The Mastermind? Let’s see...)

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Team Training on Demand

Your team's productivity is dependent upon every team member being engaged. Show employees what they bring to the table, and you'll empower them to add more value every day.



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Our Latest Blog Post

Wednesday, Jul 22, 2015
What exactly makes people like you? Or respect you? Or pay more to work with you? It’s simple: You need to become so essential that you’re irreplaceable. Once you’re distinct and essential to clients and co-workers, they’ll bend over backwards to work with you. They’ll pay more for your time, and take action on what you say. Yet if you’re replaceable, watch out… that means you’re vulnerable. You won’t become irreplaceable if you’re all over the place, trying to please everyone. After researching the communication patterns of 600,000 people inside companies...Read More
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