The 7 Triggers of Fascination

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Communicate your highest value

Win the moment » Introductory price $77 (regular price $127)

win the moment

A step-by-step method to immediately communicate your highest value.

Introductory price $77 (regular price $127)


Win the First 9 Seconds

You’ll need to purchase and take the Fascination Advantage test first, and get your web-based custom report.  You cannot use Win the Moment without first taking an Assessment.  This is the world’s only science-based personal brand system, based on Sally Hogshead’s testing with 200,000 participants. The Fascination Advantage Test & Report are sold with Win the Moment here.

Every time you introduce yourself, you have 9 seconds to engage your listener. This is your golden window of opportunity. If you fail to fascinate, your listener will lose interest⎯ and you will lose the opportunity.

Introductions have a 90% failure rate.
Will you fail? Or, will you win the moment?

"Win the Moment" is a step-by-step method to give you exactly the right words to describe yourself— why someone should work with you, hire you, and buy from you.

This tool will help you build a stronger first impression, based on your authentic personality.

Even if you are not a “creative” type, you can quickly create introductions that immediately communicate your highest value.

How does it work?

Step 1: Discover the trends that drive a competitive environment. In a fast-paced series of videos, Sally Hogshead will explore why you respect, trust, and like certain people more than others. (A hint: It all comes down to adding more value.)

Step 2: Go step-by-step with Sally as you build your own 9-Second Fascination Statement. She’ll help you select the set of adjectives and nouns that perfectly describe what makes you most worthy of attention from customers and co-workers.

Step 3: Get ready to introduce yourself at networking events, interviews, and in all aspects of your personal brand. Compare your new introduction to our catalogue of “Our Favorite 9-Second Fascination Statements,” one for each of the 49 archetypes.

Your three-part “Win the Moment” online course includes:

Part 1: Introduction to Fascination
  • Video: Introduction to Fascination
  • eBook: The First 9 Seconds
Part 2: The Exercise
  • Video: Create Your 9-Second Fascination Statement Exercise
  • Workbook: Create Your 9-Second Fascination Statement
Part 3: Start Using Your 9-Second Intro
  • Video: Share Your Advantage
  • eBook: Examples of 9-Second Fascination Statements
  • eBook: 10 Ways To Apply Your 9-Second Fascination Statement


In a recent trial, Unilever employees were 34% more confident during introductions after our “Win the Moment” method.