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People with primary ALERT Advantage carefully watch all the details in order to avoid problems. They proactively handle their work to stay on track with customers, co-workers, and managers.

Our research on this specific Advantage includes 10,000 participants who have Alert as their PRIMARY or SECONDARY Advantage on the Fascination Advantage Assessment.

Defining Personality Characteristics of Alert

sil alertWhen details matter, Alert has an upper hand over less structured personalities. They are watchful, aware, with an ability to manage complex projects. Their risk-adverse attitude helps them to avoid mistakes. They know the critical path of their projects by heart. They understand that minor issues can cause major delays. They never lose track of deadlines. They’re able to juggle conflicting requirements, such as meeting tight deadlines without compromising product specifications.

By keeping their eye on the ball, they don’t lose sight of the process or lose track of details. Practical and pragmatic, they take a step-by-step approach to reaching team goals.

Alert personality stays on track. When others get distracted, they maintain concrete deliverables to move forward with the team. They focus on the task at hand, whether it’s improving quality standards, raising productivity, or lowering call-waiting times.

They are proactive, organized and detailed.

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