The 7 Triggers of Fascination

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People with primary ALARM trigger carefully watch all the details in order to avoid problems. They proactively handle their work to stay on track with customers, co-workers, and managers.

Our new research on this specific trigger includes 10,000 participants who have Alarm as their PRIMARY or SECONDARY trigger on the Fascination Advantage Test.

The 5 defining ALARM personality characteristics: 

  1. How to Fascinate - 7 Triggers - AlarmPerfectionistic: An ALARM personality is usually motivated by problem-avoidance and strives to be flawless in their work and how they conduct themselves.
  2. Reliable: People with primary ALARM personalities tend to operate like clockwork and adhere closely to deadlines, much like TRUST personalities, who are also reliable.
  3. Routine-Oriented: Someone with ALARM as their primary trigger typically appreciates predictability and is known to form patterns in their daily lives, reducing the quantity of unknowns that they encounter.
  4. Careful: An ALARM personality usually goes to great lengths to avert failure, taking care not to make mistakes.
  5. Rational: Those with ALARM as their primary trigger tend to be very logical thinkers, who are unlikely to do or say anything controversial. This stands in contrast to REBELLION personalities who are tend to be more liberal with their thoughts and their speech.

Do you use ALARM as your personality advantage? Let’s find out. Take the Fascination Advantage Test to discover exactly how you persuade and captivate your clients and co-workers in meetings and the office.

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