The 7 Triggers of Fascination

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People with primary MYSTIQUE trigger have an innate ability to edit their ideas and opinions. They do not over-communicate with customers, co-workers, and managers, thereby making their opinions more influential. 

Our new data on this trigger includes results of 25,000 participants who have scored highest on MYSTIQUE when taking the Fascination Advantage Test.

The 5 defining MYSTIQUE personality characteristics: 

  1. How to Fascinate - 7 Triggers - MysitqueUnderstated: A MYSTIQUE personality often stays in the background, away from the center of attention, which allows them to observe and plan before acting. Unlike PASSION personalities who tend to seek the spotlight, they are less likely to volunteer to present, but will do so with thoughtful deliberation.
  2. Complex: An individual with MYSTIQUE as their primary trigger is typically multi-layered in thought and action. Because they tend to control their expressions and emotions, it is difficult to know what they’re thinking or how they feel about a topic, idea or person. Coworkers and customers may say they do not know “where they stand” with a MYSTIQUE individual.
  3. Rational: Those with MYSTIQUE as a primary trigger tend to make thorough decisions based on data. To understand a problem or situation, they systematically gather and analyze facts, with a preference for quantitative information.
  4. Reserved: MYSTIQUE personalities restrain emotions, rarely revealing their innermost opinions or feelings. At times, they can be quite guarded. When angry or upset, they purposefully shield themselves from vulnerability.
  5. Deliberate: Someone with MYSTIQUE as their primary trigger is usually more inhibited than PASSION or REBELLION personalities, who tend to act on impulse. MYSTIQUE personalities tend to be self-conscious, curating their thoughts and actions, to only share what is essential.

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