The 7 Triggers of Fascination

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People with primary TRUST trigger garner respect and maintain loyalty through their dependability and consistency in chaotic environments.

Our research reveals that this trigger is more rare than others such as POWER or PASSION. Results from the Fascination Advantage Test found that only 15,000 participants’ use TRUST as their primary or secondary trigger.

The 5 defining TRUST personality characteristics: 

  1. How to Fascinate - 7 Triggers - TrustStable: TRUST personalities rarely fluctuate in the way they conduct themselves. They tend to maintain a calm consistency that transcends situations, even those of extreme confusion or disorder.
  2. Dependable: People with primary TRUST personalities tend to follow through on what they promise and work hard to achieve consistency. They usually deliver steady results, on time, and executed as planned.
  3. Familiar: TRUST personalities are usually known quantities who are respected for their steadfast behavior.
  4. Predictable: TRUST personalities tend to develop patterns and routines they follow daily. They typically believe that if a method or formula has worked in the past, there’s no need for change. Unlike personalities with primary PASSION or REBELLION, these TRUST personalities choose reproducible, proven ideas rather than new, innovative ones.
  5. Comforting: In a chaotic environment, TRUST personalities tend to provide relief. Because they are so reliable, coworkers and peers turn to them to evoke a feeling of freedom from worry or disappointment.

Is TRUST your advantage in persuading others? Find out now by taking the Fascination Advantage Test to reveal your natural patterns of persuasion.

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