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Diverse Teams
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While we’re a creative company at heart, we also love showing measurable findings in the data.

Explore this interactive heat map for a taste of the kind of data-driven insights the Fascinate System can give you about your team.

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The Change Agent - Inventive, Untraditional, Self-Propelled






Inventive, Untraditional, Self-Propelled

how the world sees the change agent

  • Creative thinker who thrives on reinventing
  • Independent, witty and sharp
  • You have a strong drive to come up with a different approach
  • You bring alternative opinions to dull meetings and fresh ideas to stale companies

Our clients’ results with the Fascinate system:

improved internal communication by 200%.

AT&T Global Sales

increased team confidence by 84%.

Edward Jones

Doubled Employee retention rate.

Commonwealth Planning

custom analytics

Attract, motivate, and retain your irreplaceable talent

When we look at the communication advantages within teams, we uncover gems of potential.  Often, communication problems are relatively easy to solve once the team understands what they’re already doing right (and their “watch-outs”).

boring training programs are not effective

Unlike ordinary personality tests, the Fascinate system…

  • Is rooted in marketing (instead of psychology), helping employees understand how they stand out in the most positive way – just as the world’s best brands do.
  • Teaches employees how to unlock their natural personality advantages to be more persuasive, influential, and better equipped to make meaningful connections with others.
  • Energizes employees to consistently perform at their highest potential, enabling the company to do the same.
  • Identifies for each employee how they add value when they are fully engaged and doing their best work.

How It Works

How is your existing team most likely to over-deliver and out-perform? Find out in three steps.



Your team members take the Fascinate test. (In just 28 questions, we measure how each person is perceived, at their best.)



We analyze your results to reveal your hidden patterns, illuminating the ways in which your team is most likely to succeed (or struggle).



Time to learn your results! Our analytics give you an insider tour of your company. The goal is to uncover untapped areas of highest performance, and bring forth new  solutions to challenges.

Team Pricing

QTY Price Per Test Savings
1 - 9 $79 -
10+ $63 20% off
50+ $56 30% off
100+ $47 40% off

We offer savings on the Fascinate® Test for groups because we know how much a team can benefit from the Fascinate experience.

Witness a transformation in performance when your team members recognize how they each add value. Watch interactions within your group improve when you discover each other’s unique communication styles.

Backed by research

leaders need to know how to celebrate value to get value

Everything we do here at Fascinate is built on the belief that each person on a team has a distinct way of adding value— a “specialty.”

Our research found that when employees feel fascinated by their work, they are:

  • More loyal to the organization
  • More energized
  • Less frustrated with co-workers
  • More committed to their leaders

Instead of telling people how to “fix” themselves, recognize and reward them for what they’re doing right.

designed for diversity

highly successful teams are built on differences

When team members are fascinated at work— in other words, when they’re deeply engaged and believe their contribution matters— they know how to earn a place at the table because they’re confident in their own distinctive qualities.

  • Identify what differentiates your high-performers
  •  Build connection within virtual teams
  • Energize teams to collaborate with less conflict
  • Inspire a vibrant culture by pinpointing each person’s most distinctive and valuable qualities
  • Reduce urge to “fix” people by clarifying what each person is already doing right, at their best

Your team doesn’t need to be diagnosed, they need to be inspired. The Fascinate system can help.


(optional step)

Hire an FCA

In a workshop with an elite Fascinate Certified Advisor, discover an entirely new perspective for your potential.