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Unlock Your Unique Advantage: The Fascinate System™ is the only assessment that reveals how the world sees you at your best. By discovering your unique advantages, you, your brand and your team will be fully empowered to consistently make a unique and lasting impression. Imagine the power of being able to cut through the noise and ensure your message isn’t just heard, but remembered and acted upon.


If you’ve taken other “personality tests”, you probably already know your strengths. But in today’s crowded and competitive market, strengths are a commodity. Today you must know… what makes you different? But how do you find out exactly what other people think makes you unique, different and valuable?

There’s only one way…


World-class teams aren’t built on similarities, but on a blend of distinct talents AND DIFFERENCES

The Fascinate System maps out your team’s talents and differences, providing valuable insights you simply can’t get anywhere else. It clearly shows you how each team member’s unique traits can boost team success and how to turn individual differences into assets, fostering a team environment where everyone can excel.

The Fascinate System

A Decade of Studies

Over the past decade, we’ve measured over a million professionals, from leadership teams at Fortune 100 companies, to skyrocketing startups, to billionaire entrepreneurs around the world.

1 million professionals

Drawing upon our unprecedented data, we can distill a company’s culture: What they value internally, how they should brand themselves, even their teams’ insecurities and blind spots.

Published in 22 languages

Instead of focusing on strengths and weaknesses, the Fascinate System helps you identify what you’re already doing right.

learn how the world sees you

In JUST 5 minutes, discover your most impressive and influential traits

Your communication style has specific advantages. Once you identify and unlock their potential, people will listen to you, remember you, and take action on what you say.

Choose the option below that suits you best…

The Fascinate ASSESMENT
For You

Impress and influence. Join the movement of over one million professionals and discover how to…

  • Conquer the competition
  • Incite action
  • Ace the pitch
  • Overdeliver, outthink, and outperform


Engage and inspire. With over two decades of proprietary research, our system will help your team…

  • Cultivate understanding
  • Boost morale
  • Accelerate performance
  • Fuel engagement

DIAMOND-STUDDED Analytics experience

Dive deep and breakthrough. Measure your most valuable assets on a whole new, personal level…

  • Get custom, groundbreaking analytics
  • Predict success, reveal blind spots
  • Get hands-on input top strategists
  • Ignite team unity like never before