about fascinate


is better than better

We combine innovative science and proprietary research to passionately inspire professionals.

what we do

We work with high-performing individuals, teams and companies, showing them how to communicate most persuasively by applying their natural personality advantages. 

how we do it

We offer a curriculum of assessments, online training, live presentations, innovative digital products, home study courses, and train-the-trainer courses.

why we do it

We are dedicated to helping you understand how you are naturally primed to succeed, so that you can become more fascinating and valuable every time you communicate.

Who we are

A small, passionate team of data nerds and branding scientists.

The Fascinate® system is different than any other type of assessment or training. It’s the only communication tool built on the principles of branding.


We pinpoint your most intensely valuable traits, your ultimate highest value, through the science of fascination.

our purpose

why we do what we do

We identify your most valuable traits, so you can become your most valuable you.

When you know how others see you, you’re more likely to win the client, close the deal, grow your business, have more freedom, aim higher, accomplish more, build your following, overdeliver, outthink, outperform.

our curator

discovered by sally hogshead

Sally Hogshead is the creator of the Fascinate Test. More than one million professionals have taken her test, including leaders in companies such as Facebook, Porsche, NASA, and Twitter.

She is one of only 189 professional living speakers to be inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame® …the industry’s highest award for professional excellence.

Her mission in life is to bring back the hogshead as a unit of popular measurement in the U.S.

why you should care

stand out, or don’t bother

In today’s crowded and competitive market, to stand out and win, you must know what makes you DIFFERENT.

The Fascinate Test is the first and only way to measure how others see you, at your best. Your report reveals how other people will respect and remember you.

By applying our methods, you will grow your business, create better relationships, rise above the competition, and become intensely valuable to those who matter most.