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Watch a quick demonstration of how we analyze, prepare, and present custom analytics for your team.

how it works

The Diamond-Studded Analytics Experience is customized specifically to your industry, organization, and team members every step of the way.



Team Fascinate collaborates with your organization to provide you with a Fascinate test for all participants, as well as the introductory emails and regular updates.



Our team of experts personally review your team’s results and transform the raw numbers into clear, visually compelling and actionable conclusions, based on our data from other companies in your industry.



A senior strategist will present your Premium Analytics Report in a live video call, delving into the in-depth nuances and findings of your organization, with deeper insights into your data.

What is Diamond-Studded?

Identify your team’s hidden high-performing patterns.

You’ve probably seen a stellar team that works beautifully in sync, with high morale and frequent high-fives.

On the other hand, you’ve no doubt experienced a dysfunctional team that struggled with confusion, delays, and drama. (Ugh.)

So what’s the difference? You can’t see the answers in a conference room, but you can quite clearly see it in your custom Analytics Package.

Hidden within each group are high-performing individuals who are capable of communicating, executing, and surpassing expectations. They just need the right support.

customized for any industry

stand out in your industry with decisions backed by data

Your custom analytics can be crafted for any industry or based on the 1.3 million people who have taken the Fascinate Test. Compare your results to the general population, or, to similar groups in your vertical market, location or specialty.

For instance, if your audience is a sales organization, our team can compare your numbers with the average results of over 200,000 salespeople we’ve measured.

Beyond just slicing and dicing the data, we’ll reveal untapped opportunities for your organization, and unrealized potential for each team member.

the benefits of diamond-studded analytics:

Identify high-performing traits currently needed for your team.

Energize employees to consistently perform at their highest potential.

Bond your remote teams from anywhere in the world.

Predict patterns and illuminate blind spots.

Reduce conflict and expensive misunderstandings.

Inspire a vibrant culture of leadership.

Shift the tendency to want to “fix” people, and instead, motivate them to achieve their best.

Discover how your group dynamics could potentially go off the rails (and how to stay on track).

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