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Here’s a few ringing endorsements.

I was absolutely stunned by how accurate the representation was... It was an epiphany.
Mark Yaphe, CEOExecuThink LLC
By enabling us to identify each team member’s highest value during the hiring process, the Fascination Advantage Assessment™ has helped us to assign team members to the right role based on their personality. This approach has helped us boost sales by 50% and almost doubled our retention rate.
Joe Counts, PresidentCommonwealth Planning
Watching my Husband use the Fascination Assessment to land his dream job. He's The Victor and his confidence and drive to improve made him the perfect candidate this company. They were looking to change their company culture and overhaul their facilities and grounds. He's doing it, and doing it well.
Robyn Von Krek
The Fascination Advantage is remarkably accurate, and has immediate applicability in terms of providing an actionable roadmap for team interactions! There are so many personality assessments out there, and this is the first and only one to give clear road map of how others see you, to instantly know your blind spots, and work more effectively with others. I used this as an icebreaker at a recent all-hands meeting, and the energy was immediately moving around the room as everyone interacted on a whole new level.
Karyn Scott, Director, Global Go To Market ProgramsCisco, Inc.
One of my bosses [...] shared a little information as to why I was selected for the position at the Cleveland Museum of Art. She said what made me stand out from everyone else who had applied was my branding strategy. Those three little words “clear-cut, accurate and meticulous” I used to describe myself, shown at the top of my resume/cover letter from our Sally Hogshead personality test did it.
Kelley N., Student
I recently made the top 40 “Young Guns” for Insurance Business America Magazine… Figured you would like to know credit was given to your software in helping place my staff or should I say reallocate my staff to positions based on your personality tests that have increased production and efficiency as well as overall employee satisfaction.
Gino A. Orrino, President, CPIAOrrino Capital Services
(Sally Hogshead and the Fascination Advantage Assessment) were a 10 on the cultural impact meter. We’ve brought in Sally two times; each time to a broader audience of our office principals and staff. Her message is THAT important.
Rob Hicks, Director, Training & Education, Marketing CommunicationsNFP