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The 49 Personality Archetypes

Back in 2010, when we launched the F-Score personality test, we outlined 7 main personality types according to the 7 triggers of fascination. After reviewing data of the 200,000 people who have taken the test, and we’ve learned a critical insight: There are actually 49 Personality Archetypes.

Our newest research reveals that there are 49 different archetypes:

Each Personality Archetype has a “primary” trigger (the one that makes you most persuasive and captivating), and a “secondary” trigger (the one represents your second most persuasive strength). An example:

A “PASSION/POWER” personality uses PASSION as their primary means of fascinating, and they are next likely to use POWER. The PASSION/POWER Personality Archetype is “THE ADVOCATE.” The Advocate is dynamic, inclusive, and compassionate.

No two personality archetypes persuade and captivate in exactly the same way. Each has a different communication style, relationship approach, and set of priorities.

Here’s what we learned: the secondary trigger is far more important than we originally realized. For instance, a PASSION/POWER personality is very different than a PASSION/MYSTIQUE or a PASSION/TRUST. We can make certain predictions of a person, based on their primary trigger, but the secondary trigger is where we refine our vision of that person.

A quick overview of 2 different archetypes:

POWER/PRESTIGE is “THE MAESTRO.” You fascinate others with your strong and ambitious goals. You’re focused on achieving excellent results, which means that at times, you can be daunting in your pursuits.

PASSION/ALARM is “THE ORCHESTRATOR.” You possess the “people skills” of the Passion trigger for first impressions, yet also fascinate with the conscientious details and speed of the Alarm trigger.

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How does the Fascinate System determine someone’s Personality Brand?

The Fascination Advantage Test scores a participant according to our custom algorithm. The results play the most significant part of determining a participant’s Personality Archetype. When a participant has unusually high scores, or uncommon distribution of scores, one of our senior strategists will look at the total results to determine the Personality Brand.

We present the assessment results, along with action steps and big-picture guidance, in the Fascination Advantage Report. This report maps out:

  • How the personality will most effectively communicate and collaborate
  • How others will view this personality for leadership and inspiration
  • Potential “personality pitfalls” that can turn others off
  • Action steps for creating better first impressions

After the assessment, next steps can include training, our upcoming online curriculum, and in-person events.


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The 49 Personality Archetypes

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