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The book is huge, are there highlights I should be looking at?

  • You can read more about the concept that Sally’s describing about vanilla versus pistachio on page 70 of the How the World Sees You.

  • For a better look inside the research, go to page 407 of How the World Sees You.

  • To learn meet your archenemies of distraction, competition and commoditization, turn to page 25 of How the World Sees You.

  • To begin creating your Anthem, the tagline for your personality, turn to page 355 of How the World Sees You.

  • To help craft your Anthem, turn to page 367 of How the World Sees You to find our noun bank.

  • To learn more about double troubles, turn to page 292 of How the World Sees You.

  • To learn how you, or any one else, are adding value turn to page 37 of How the World Sees You.

  • A wellspring is when you’re tapping into your built-in advantages, and tasks feel effortless for you. “Quicksand” is the opposite of a “wellspring.” You are put in an awkward position, and potentially risk damaging your reputation. To learn how to avoid your personality pitfalls (and stay out of quicksand), turn to page 48 of How the World Sees You.
How can I contact Sally Hogshead regarding speaking engagements?

If you are interested in having Sally speak to your team/company to transform your brand’s messaging, please contact: hello@howtofascinate.com

Where can I purchase Sally’s book, Fascinate?

If you would like to purchase the book, we recommend going to either 800ceoread.com or Amazon.com.

Click here to purchase the audiobook.