Get Paid to Share the Fascination Advantage

There’s no risk, no commitment, no monthly sales quota, and did we mention it’s 100% free? Structure the program however you like. You can start with the Fascination Advantage® Assessment, the only way in the world that allows you (and your customer) to become more of the best of who they already are.

Our Discover How The World Sees You® Products use the science of Fascination in the world’s only personality test that is built on branding. You can utilize as many or as few resources as you want.apply-now-button We will help you drive traffic to our website and landing pages using the links, banners, and other resources we provide, and you’ll earn for each sale.


Total flexibility. Unlimited earning potential. Free to join.

Your Network. Our Resources — How To Fascinate.

As a How To Fascinate Affiliate, you’ll have complete access to the products created by Sally Hogshead using her world famous marketing expertise. We provide all the copy, images and materials you’ll need, including banner ads, emails and unique links. Choose the message and the product that is best for you — use any of the marketing materials you want to unfold the science of fascination to your network.

Remember the old days? When you could refer someone with an actual name and address? Well you can do that here as well. Just go online and enter leads into our lead registration form. With this resource you can register AND GET CREDIT FOR your leads that come to you from places besides your website or other online sources.

Best of all, you can access your Affiliate portal at any time, so you can check the status of your leads, new products, whatever you need.

How To Fascinate pays you up to 20% per sale. Commissions are paid quarterly when a minimum of $50 is reached.

General Information

  • Commissions: 20% per sale for Affiliates and more for our Advocates Members
  • Minimum Sales Requirements: None
  • Program Fees: None


  • Marketing Materials
  • Affiliate Portal Access

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