What sets you apart?

Got an hour? We'll find out.

Own your voice. Craft your Anthem. Turbocharge your brand.

Compel. Don't Sell.

Create a tagline that shows the world how extraordinary you are.

Use Science to Distinguish Yourself.

A decade of studies. One million participants. Published in 22 languages. It's not opinion, it's science.

Play to Your Differences.

Identify situations where you excel and recreate them everywhere.

Add Value. Don't Take up Space.

Inform, inspire and entertain your listener, as only you can.

Meet Sally, your branding instructor...

Hi! I’m Sally Hogshead, best-selling author and copywriter for some of the world’s most admired brands: Nike, Godiva, Coca Cola, Mini Cooper... (to name a few).

Over the past 10 years of studying personal branding, I’ve measured what makes people and brands fascinating. I've looked at the communication patterns of over a million people.

And I hear the same problem over and over… “I want to stand out... But I don't know how!”

I love helping people and there is nothing I'd love more than to see you succeed and achieve your highest potential. I'm on a mission to make sure you're properly positioned to have your best year ever. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to start designing your personal brand and developing your Anthem today.

In less than an hour, you’ll have a fascinating tagline that is unique to you, an Anthem that is applicable in all situations, whether you’re showing up in person or virtually. It’s guaranteed to help you be your best, most authentic self, wherever you go. 

I can’t wait to get started.

Welcome to your Masterclass

Subject: YOU

You may not realize it, but your personality is already adding distinct value. There are probably many ways in which you are good in your work, but there’s at least one way in which you are truly exceptional. The problem is that if YOU don’t know your advantages, no one else will know them either.

Think of my One-Hour Personal Brand kit as a crash course in you -- your personality, your assets, your unique ability.

In less than an hour, you'll have a fascinating brand strategy that's all about you. 

We’ve condensed our award-winning personal branding curriculum down to the key essentials. This kit cuts right to the chase. No fluff, no abstract theory.


One-Hour Personal Brand Includes:

A data-driven method that uncovers your unique abilities and style

A rubric of scenarios that clearly define situations where you’ll enjoy the greatest success

A unique branding statement tailored just for you

Have an hour to distinguish yourself?

This personal branding mini-course will deliver a targeted, personal Anthem that sings your praises, sets you apart from the competition, and gives you the confidence to succeed in any situation.