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As a professional today, you need to make sure that your brand is consistent across all platforms and media. You also need to be recognized for your specialties—those things that you do incredibly well—so that you can continuously over deliver.

When you complete the playbook, customers will see how you add value. Co-workers will “get” you. Your manager will know how to quickly tap into your natural mode of communication. You will be able to orient your whole career around your core specialty.

What's included in my

The Ultimate Personal Brand™ playbook

Five learning modules and workbooks

Video and audio lessons

Weekly instructional emails

Practical & practicable tips

Template for making your LinkedIn profile more distinctive

Pitch openers

Meet Sally, your branding instructor...

Hi! I’m Sally Hogshead, best-selling author and copywriter for some of the world’s most admired brands: Nike, Godiva, Coca Cola, Mini Cooper... (to name a few).

Over the past 10 years of studying personal branding, I’ve measured what makes people and brands fascinating. I've looked at the communication patterns of over hundreds of thousands of people just like you and me.

And I hear the same problem over and over… “I want to stand out... But I don't know how!”

Most people do realize that they need to impress and influence people at work. They just don’t know HOW to do it. And as a result, we are less successful than we could be.

Do you have unmet potential? If you knew exactly how to position yourself in the marketplace, could you earn more? Could you be at a different place in your company or career?

In this guide, I will help you uncover your most valuable traits.

"Your personality is the greatest differentiator you have."
- Sally Hogshead

See what others are saying about How to Fascinate:

"[O]ne of my bosses […] shared a little information as to why I was selected for the position at the Cleveland Museum of Art. She said what made me stand out from everyone else who had applied was my branding strategy. Those three little words “clear-cut, accurate and meticulous” I used to describe myself, shown at the top of my resume/cover letter from our Sally Hogshead personality test did it."
Kelley NotaroCommunications Associate, Cleveland Museum of Art
“For me, identifying employees with a range of skills is not an effective approach. Instead, we take a personality-based approach and hand select professionals whose best contributions are the highest use of their talents. Our team-based selling process has saved us countless hours in hiring, and has boosted our sales by almost 50%.”
Joe CountsPresident, Commonwealth Planning
"My students are often surprised at how accurate the How to Fascinate program is in describing their strengths. When students know they are a catalyst, or the mediator, or the ace, they can remember this metaphor in high-pressure job interview situations. How to Fascinate makes it easy for students to showcase their strengths when interviewing for that first job."
Craig DavisAssociate Professor of Advertising, E. W. Scripps School of Journalism
“I send all my employees through the Fascination Advantage test. It helps me better understand how to lead a team of people with very different personalities… thank you for creating a test that a) works b) is quick and easy and c) helps me be a better manager and create a stronger team.”
R. Joshua WhittonChief Marketing Officer, Divisional Vice President, Sears Holdings Corporation

With the Ultimate personal brand playbook

you can have:

A targeted headline

For your LinkedIn profile, bio, resume, or website.

The exact words

To sell your most marketable traits

A tagline for

Your personality that describes what you do best


In your natural competitive advantages

Get the ultimate personal brand playbook today!

A targeted headline for your bio, resume, or website, several ways to prove you are different than others competing for your job, specific words to summarize yourself and confidence in your natural competitive advantages

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