Team Fascinate

A team of individuals dedicated to showing others their highest value and helping them communicate it to the world.

Sally Hogshead

CEO and Founder

Archetype: The Catalyst
Anthem: Fascinating Communication
Over the course of her advertising career, Sally won hundreds of awards for creativity, copywriting, and branding.  In the past decade she published two New York Times bestsellers, developed the Fascination Advantage® assessment, and was inducted into the CPAE® Speaker Hall of Fame. Today, she teaches people worldwide what makes them persuasive and influential through the science of fascination.


Ed Normand


Archetype: The Maverick Leader
Anthem: Pioneering Ideas
Ed leads with the creativity of Innovation and the authority of Power. He forms and implements pioneering ideas to take our company to the next level. Under his direction, the How To Fascinate team continues to move forward, creating new products and experiences to teach companies and individuals the best of how the world sees them.

Cate Dumont

Strategic Liaison

Archetype: The Connoisseur
Anthem: Illustrious Gatekeeping
Cate is the illustrious gatekeeeper, a positive and distinguished extension of the How To Fascinate and Sally Hogshead brand. Her calm, cool and collected demeanor keeps everything running smoothly around the office. When you need to get in touch with our executive team, Cate is your go-to point of contact.


Rich Johnson

Director of Videography

Archetype: The Secret Weapon
Anthem: Nimble Creativity
Rich merges the listening skills of Mystique with the creativity of Innovation. As our one and only videographer, he uses nimble creativity to come up with solutions for all our media needs. Here at Fascinate, we express our ideas visually and having an unassuming and artistic mind behind the lens is necessary to create every video we need – from impromptu messages from Sally to high production value projects and products.


Carrie Zaatar

Customer Service Manager

Archetype: The Wise Owl
Anthem: Logical Tenacity
Carrie combines the listening skills of Mystique with the consistency of Trust. She is our customer service guru, providing a mindful touch when it comes to complicated customer questions. Her logical tenacity enables her to skillfully handle our email campaigns and complicated CRM system.

Emily- Johnson-fascinate-personality-test

Emily Johnson

Graphic Designer

Archetype: The Avant-Garde
Anthem: Forward-Thinking Creativity
Emily works with the excellence of Prestige and the creativity of Innovation. As our in-house design guru, she is responsible for all our wonderful creative assets. She has a forward thinking creativity that allows her to take our brand and products to the next level. Emily helps our team every day with her dedication to quality. She is our go-to resource for creating everything from product landing pages to social media shareables.