The Kelton Fascination Study

Kelton Global is a global public opinion company, leading research with more than thirty of the Fortune 100 corporations. They were twice named “fastest-growing market research consultancy” by Inc. magazine.

Our research says you're fascinating

Kelton Global led our deep-dive analysis of 1,059 Americans on fascination. The survey included questions on the relationship between fascination and decision making regarding:

  • Brand choices
  • Careers
  • Relationships
  • Personal branding

We studied the ways in which fascination can be a shortcut to persuasion and give you a greater ROI (Return on Investment) by making a brand—or your personality—more fascinating.

How Fascination affects Price

In our study of fascination, we found that people will pay up to four times more for a product that fascinates them in some way. A common example of this effect can be seen in the price of Morton salt. Customers pay 187% more for Morton salt than they do for a generic equivalent. Yet it's exactly the same salt.

Market Value of an Ordinary Product25%
Market Value of a Fascinating Product100%

More specifically, the Kelton Fascination Study sought to determine:

  • How much fascination is worth in terms of dollars
  • How much more people are willing to pay for fascinating products
  • Which employees are most engaged and engrossed at work
  • How leaders can fascinate their employees
  • What exactly determines if a message, or product, is fascinating
  • What behaviors and actions people exhibit when they are fascinated

The resulting research offered us a breadth and depth of insight (a four-inch-thick binder of exceedingly small type, to be exact).

When a product is successful it fascinates its customers. People are willing to spend more money and more time with a fascinating product. They will make a greater effort to find it, they will take better care of it, and they will derive more enjoyment from it. The same is true for you.

When you fascinate someone, you make it easy for them to see how you are different from others. And you are more likely to be rewarded for it.



Our national study found that women will pay more to be fascinating than they spend on food and clothing combined..