A Dormant Power personality prefers the back seat

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Your DORMANT Advantage is your most exhausting form of communication. It’s how you are least likely to impress others. Tread carefully in these areas, because this form of communication is your “quicksand.” And it will cost you a disproportionate amount of time and energy.

What does it mean to have a Dormant POWER Advantage?

Excellent question. I’ll show you.

If you have Dormant Power, you are not a dominant force.

You don’t want to be the “bad cop.”

Avoid situations in which you must overtly command co-workers or clients. Instead, find ways to succeed using your natural mode of communication, your “wellspring,” or Primary Advantage.

Since you have a Dormant Power Advantage, your personality isn’t commanding or controlling.

If you’re forced to use Power in your communication, such as a situation in which you are leading an initiative, delegating tasks and making strategic decisions, it feels incredibly draining…like quicksand. Here’s why…

Your approach is calm and flexible. You’re typically not considered intimidating and you tend to know how to adapt your message to a given situation.

  • Your friends think of you as a good listener.
  • You take care not to force your opinions on others.
  • People tend to confide in you because they don’t feel judged by you.

You allow others to make decisions and are comfortable letting others lead, unlike Primary POWER personalities, who compete to get the alpha position in the group.

Don’t know whether you have a Dormant Power Advantage? No problem!

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How does your Dormant Power Advantage affect the way you communicate? Tell us in the comments below!

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Sally Hogshead

Sally skyrocketed to the top of the advertising world in her early 20s, fascinating millions of consumers for clients such as MINI Cooper and Coca-Cola. Since then, she’s published two New York Times bestsellers on the science of fascination, and is one of only 172 living members in the Speaker Hall of Fame. Over a million professionals have taken the Fascination Advantage® personality test to discover how others perceive their communication.

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