Anthem in action: Sally coaches a consultant

A quick story from the archives…

Oliver is a consultant for the food industry. He advises business owners on ways to make their brand more profitable.

In this excerpt of a coaching session with Sally, you’ll see how Oliver’s Anthem solves specific pain points for his clients.

SALLY: What’s the main problem that your clients are struggling with, and trying to overcome?  

OLIVER: Most of my clients don’t have a business background– they started as chefs, so they are better on the culinary side than the operations. The food service industry faces high staff turnover. Most of them never build a clear system or protocol. There’s a serious lack of clarity.

SALLY: What are some of the negative effects of this problem? 

OLIVER: When there’s a lack of a system, everything gets more difficult and expensive. Employees quit, customers don’t come back, and the owner is usually ripping his (or her) hair out by the end of the night. 

SALLY: So if they don’t have Fine-Tuned Systems, how bad could things get for them? 

OLIVER: Really bad. They might have to lay off people. The company might go into debt, and eventually even go out of business. They could get sued by their customers who have unfulfilled orders. The owners might have to declare bankruptcy. 

SALLY: Would that be useful for them–to have Fine-Tuned Systems to solve the problem of not having a business background? 

OLIVER: (Laughs) Yes!

SALLY: Can you deliver Fine-Tuned Systems for them in this situation? 

OLIVER: Yes absolutely. 

SALLY: Do you believe that Fine-Tuned Systems matter, and that clients really need it? 

OLIVER: Yes. No question. Without it their business can fail. They’re unlikely to succeed in the long term. I can help the restaurant owners get their business back on track and get their life back.

SALLY: How would it feel for a client to ask you to deliver Fine-Tuned Systems? Would it feel energizing and productive, like a wellspring? Or would it feel like the struggle of quicksand?

OLIVER: Definitely wellspring! I love creating systems for my clients.

What are the specific problems that YOU help your clients overcome?  How can your Anthem solve these pain points for them?

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