21 Ideas for a killer Halloween

What’s your Halloween personality?

Are you devilish or angelic? Ghoulish or glamorous?

Normally, we show you how to be more authentic. But Halloween is different. For one night, you can unleash your secret streak of Innovation, or your superhero Power, or your dramatic flair for Passion.

Every costume uses at least one of the seven Advantages to fascinate. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

INNOVATION: Costumes inspired by the Innovation personality will be forward-thinking, highly imaginative and original. Here’s your chance to push a few boundaries.

Futuristic Sci-Fi Character: Don’t limit yourself to the old reliables… think beyond Spock, R2D2 and Uhura. Let your imagination run wild and come up with your own cyborg or space alien.

Steampunk Inventor: With steampunk you can take on the Victorian aesthetic and make it funky. Accessorize with elaborate goggles and complex gadgetry.

Artistic Masterpiece: What better way to envision the creative than transforming yourself into a living work of art? Embrace avant-garde, abstract or even conceptual styles. Use makeup, body paint, and unique clothing to become a walking masterpiece.

PASSION: A Passion personality is known for their enthusiasm, energy and ability to engage others. These will be some of your most dynamic and vibrant costumes.

Rock Star or Pop Icon: Showcase your vibrant and charismatic side. Wear flashy costumes, accessorize with a mic, and perform like the rock star you are.

Upbeat Fictional Characters: Look to your favorite books or movies for characters known for their enthusiasm and high energy. We’re thinking Tigger bouncing down the sidewalk, or the Mad Hatter. 

Cupid or a Greek God or Goddess of Love: Who says Passion is just for Valentines Day?

POWER: The Power personalities are authoritative and confident. With these costumes, there’ll be no doubt about who’s in charge.

Superhero or Leading Villian: Fight for justice and make yourself heard as Superman or Wonder Woman, or go a bit darker as the Grand High Witch or Lord Vader.

Historical or Political Leader: These are the characters known for their leadership… Julius Caesar, Lawrence of Arabia, even Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Game of Thrones or Other Fictional Character: Who’s the cunning strategist or fierce warrior you most identify with? The scheming Cersei Lannister? Or maybe you’re more like Ser Arthur Dayne?

PRESTIGE: A Prestige personality is refined and elegant, with a competitive spirit. With these costumes you’ll exude class and sophistication.

Hollywood Glamour: Dress to win with your top-notch James Bond suit or your Marilyn Monroe wig and halter dress.

Olympic Athletes: Flaunt those gold medals as Usain Bolt, Simone Biles or Michael Phelps

Fictional Characters: Virtually anyone plucked from the Great Gatsby could work (don’t forget the peacock feathers!). And Pride and Prejudice’s Elizabeth Bennet checks the “timeless elegance” boxes.

TRUST: Trust personalities are reliable, dependable and loyal. With Trust, people will be comforted by your sense of security.

Medical Worker: Highlight the caring nurturing nature of Trust by dressing up as a doctor, nurse or other medical professional.

Firefighter or Other First Responder: Firefighters and first responders reveal the side of Trust that is a brave protector in times of crisis.

The Classics: a bedsheet ghost or fanged vampire could also work. Trust costumes are the choices with no surprises.

MYSTIQUE: The Mystique personality is typically understated, but intriguing. These costumes amplify that captivating air of mystery.

Magician or Illusionist: Dressing up as a magician or illusionist adds an element of mystery and fascination. Perform simple tricks or illusions to captivate and intrigue others.

Anonymous Mask: Don the iconic Guy Fawkes mask to remain anonymous and intriguing while standing up for a cause. Or maybe go the route of an elegant masquerade mask.

Film Noir Character: Emulate characters from classic film noir films. Private investigator, femme fatale or drifter all capture the essence of mystery and suspense associated with the Mystique personality. If all else fails, drag out the fog machine.

ALERT: An Alert personality is detail-oriented, analytical, and vigilant. You notice nuances and pay close attention to your surroundings. If you’re wearing an Alert costume, not much will get past you.

Forensic Expert: Dressed as a crime scene investigator will emphasize your meticulous attention to detail and precision. Carry a kit of forensic tools and evidence bags.

Journalist or Reporter: Dressing up as a journalist or reporter reflects your Alert curiosity and investigative nature. Carry a notepad, microphone, or camera to capture stories and details.

Mathematician or Mathematician’s Assistant: Dressing up as a mathematician or their assistant showcases your love for numbers and precision. Carry a small chalkboard with mathematical equations or a pocket protector filled with pens.

We’re curious – How will you be dressed this Halloween? Which Advantage will you play to?

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Happiest Halloween!

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