Use your Advantages to build your dream career

With so many people considering a job change, we’re experiencing a massive talent upheaval. 

But as technology, media and roles shift across the employment landscape, the importance of being able to identify your most valuable differentiating advantages and build a solid personal brand remains a constant.

Fellow National Speakers Association member Billy Arcement just published an article in Business Journals about how Sally Hogshead’s Fascinate System can help you establish your most successful business or personal brand.  

Here’s an excerpt from his article:

Professional speaker and fellow National Speakers Association member, Sally Hogshead (yes, that’s her name) wrote a book titled, “Fascinate: How to Make Your Brand Impossible to Resist.”

But, you say, “I don’t have a business and I don’t have a brand.”

Let me break this to you — you have both.

We are all in business. We work for ourselves even when we work for an employer. It’s your business because you are responsible for your personal success. Your career performance establishes your business and personal brand (reputation) in the marketplace.

Are you viewed as an “expert” in your field, and under what “brand?” My expertise is leadership, and I’ve branded myself, “The Candid Cajun.” It’s an outgrowth of my leadership style. I’m straightforward and honest with people. It’s a caring candor that encourages growth, but it is always about telling clients the truth. Failing here is a huge disservice to those you serve.

What about you? What phrase would define who you are? Discuss that with a trusted friend, client, your manager. Get it right so you can adjust your actions. Play to your strengths to win. Bowing to your weaknesses, you shrink and can become a non-factor.

In her book, Hogshead lists seven Advantages that will get you noticed and build your personal brand. Arcement goes on to outline all seven Advantages and how they might show up in your interactions.  Here’s our breakdown of how each of the seven Advantages might be identified in a work environment:

Innovation — Innovation personalities think about things unconventionally. They tend to create a myriad of responses or ideas around a concept. They can shift nimbly between different options or activities. They’re known to speak and act with spontaneity, and maybe irreverence at times. They’re very comfortable working independently.

Passion — Passion personalities present themselves in a way that is visually appealing and communicate expressively, using colorful language and humor. They create strong emotional bonds and experiences. Their style is participatory, inviting the group to join in, and inspiring others to advocate for them and support their plans.

Power —Power personalities naturally assume leadership roles, and command respect intuitively. They shape and guide people and opinions. If you use Power, you set high standards and you confront problems to keep the path clear for progress.

Prestige — Prestige personalities demand the highest standards of themselves, their work and from their relationships. They tap into current trends and appreciate (and collect) awards and symbols of achievement. As a Prestige personality you probably focus closely on the details and you tend to evoke admiration, and even envy.

Trust — Trust personalities are known to adhere to fixed daily routines. They don’t like surprises. If you use Trust, you might look to the past for solutions, and you like to focus on one thing at a time. In team environments, you often put others before you.

Mystique —Mystique personalities listen intently before speaking or acting. They may seem to maintain a detached space. Mystiques remain calm in situations of pressure, and rarely show emotion. They take a minimalist approach, boiling everything down to its essence.

Alert — Alert personalities heighten performance of individuals and groups by accelerating urgency.  They remain focused on the details and deadlines. They set clear expectations, establishing consequences for poor results.

When you identify your Fascination Advantage, you’re already on your way to creating a brand that can guide you through any career change you are considering. Use your Fascinate profile to craft your own personal rallying cry, your Anthem, and approach your job search or company rebranding with newfound confidence.

Haven’t taken the Fascinate test yet? Get one right here and you’ll have your profile in less than five minutes.  Or pick up Sally’s favorite personal brand-building tool right here.

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