Meet Fascinate Certified Advisor Program Director Kelly Smales

This post is part of a series of getting to know members of our outstanding Fascinate Certified Advisor (FCA) team. Our FCAs are expertly trained to coach individuals and groups on how to use Fascinate to improve communication and build better relationships, as well as add unique value by embracing our core message: Different is better than better.

When Kelly Smales took the Fascinate Test in 2018, she was astonished by how accurate the results felt for an assessment that was so quick and easy to take. As an ICF-credentialed coach who leads Core Seven Coaching, she was excited by the opportunity to use such empowering tools with her clients. She enrolled in a Fascinate certification course the very next day. Kelly spent almost a year directing FCA community engagement, and in 2022 stepped into the role of Program Director. We’re thrilled to have her leading our FCA team!

Here are some excerpts from a recent conversation we had with Kelly, about what brought her to Fascinate, how she uses the Fascinate Test with clients, and why she finds FCA certification to be such a game-changer.

What value have you received from taking the Fascinate Test?

As someone who has spent most of my life surrounded by people who are not like me, it’s empowering to have a framework and language that helps me understand how I am different.

I am now more confident in how I communicate. I no longer try to “hold back” and minimize what differentiates me. Instead, I lean into who I inherently am and realize I don’t have to be all things to all people.

It’s liberating.

What is your Anthem, and how has it helped you grow your brand and your business?

My Anthem is Inspiring Engagement.

As a creative spirit who is naturally enthusiastic, it’s sometimes a challenge for me to sift through my never-ending ideas. In a perfect world I would be able to execute on every idea I feel has merit. But that’s not possible.

My Anthem keeps me focused on what’s most important. It encourages me to specialize, which brings clarity to my brand. It inspires me to do what instinctively energizes and excites me and this passion fuels the value I deliver for my clients.

What different approaches have you developed for coaching individuals or teams? At which level do you make the greatest impact, and why?

I work with individuals to become aware of their distinct advantages and what differentiates them, so they feel seen, heard, and understood. As a result, they feel more empowered and confident.

Once people understand their own differences, they begin to recognize and appreciate differences in others. This promotes respect, empathy, and kindness -all essential components of team building.

I love the impact this work has on both individuals and teams, but if I had to choose, I would say the work I do at the leader level has a further reaching impact due to the ripple effect. Once a leader or coach has the right system in place to help them truly understand their own leadership style, make sense of the individuals on their team, and understand how similarities and differences impact the team dynamic, they can expand their influence and impact.

What do you enjoy most about leading the Fascinate FCA Coaching Community?

The FCA Coaching Community is a dynamic group of change makers. It’s inspiring to be part of a rich and diverse community where everyone encourages each other and generously shares their insights and expertise.

I feel privileged to be part of this elite group of coaches, consultants, trainers, and speakers who genuinely care about their clients. I learn so much from them and love shining a light on the incredible work they’re doing.

How can the Fascinate System help people navigate today’s business and social climate?

Today’s business and social climate is all about change. And with change comes uncertainty.

The Fascinate System provides us with a simple framework and language to help really understand who we are at our best. It eliminates uncertainty and helps us let go of what doesn’t serve us. It allows us to adapt, shift and focus our energy in a positive way. It also helps us be aware of when we may not be at our best and gives innovative solutions to realign ourselves.

Most importantly, the Fascinate System helps us differentiate ourselves by who we are, not what we do. This is invaluable in an environment that’s constantly in flux.

How is the FCA Coaching Program different from other certification programs? What advice would you give someone considering certification?

Unlike other programs, the FCA Program encourages you to embrace and utilize your differences both personally and professionally. It begins with a deep dive into your distinct Advantages and helps you craft your personal Anthem.

As a coaching or consulting tool, the Fascinate System is incredibly versatile. The FCA Program provides the training, resources and support you need to be able to adapt the benefits of the system for your clients in any speciality or industry.

Learning is ongoing. As a Fascinate Certified Advisor you are part of an exclusive, dynamic community who supports and inspires each other. We offer monthly mastermind calls, an annual FCA summit and you’re always welcome to observe future training sessions as a courtesy.

My advice would be to jump in with both feet. The water is warm, and it will be one of the best decisions you make for yourself and your clients.

Is there anything else you would like us to know about your business, mission, or your relationship with the Fascinate System?

Team members are often misunderstood and therefore undervalued by well intentioned leaders.

This happens simply because they’re not aware of how to navigate the differences in their communication styles. As a result, their team won’t reach their full potential and they will struggle to make a difference.

My business, Core Seven Coaching helps leaders and coaches improve communication, increase engagement, and strengthen team chemistry so everyone is empowered to reach higher and achieve more.

The Fascinate System is invaluable in this process.

You can learn more about Kelly and her Core Seven Coaching business, on her website.

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