Meet Fascinate Certified Advisor Latrice Cole

This post is part of a series of getting to know members of our outstanding Fascinate Certified Advisor (FCA) team. Our FCAs are expertly trained to coach individuals and groups on how to use Fascinate to improve communication and build better relationships, as well as add unique value by embracing our core message: Different is better than better.

Latrice Cole is an image and brand consultant with over ten years experience in HR leadership and business strategy. Her firm, Latrice Monique Consulting, coaches Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs and professionals across all industries to ensure that the brilliance inside them is powerfully reflected in a more visually appealing style in their clothes, accessories, demeanor, and overall presence. Together they craft a strategic professional image that is confident, authentic, trustworthy and impactful. Latrice holds a Master’s in Labor and Industrial Relations and a Bachelor’s in Communications. She earned her Fascinate certification in 2022.

Here are some excerpts from a recent conversation we had with Latrice, about what brought her to Fascinate, and why Fascinate is such a game-changer in her client work.

Why did you become an FCA?

I always wanted my image work to be more comprehensive. It was never just about great clothes but how to help women own the spaces that they are in and not be afraid to show up authentically. However, I felt something was missing for me to fully execute that mission.

I knew Fascinate was the missing piece the moment I read about it. It has allowed me to deepen my work and start to create a more transformational impact.

What is your Anthem, and how has it helped you grow your brand and your business?

My Anthem is Bold Clarity.

In my line of work, my clients come to me unsure of how to create the image and style they want. Providing them clarity around who they are, their goals, messaging, how to dress their body and create a powerful signature style and wardrobe, gives them the confidence they need to show up and express their expertise.

As an FCA, I now give them Bold Clarity by tying in what makes them different and owning it, not only in their dress but also in how they communicate. I help them lean into their cool Archetype name and create their personal Anthems.

What surprised you most when you discovered your Fascinate Archetype?

I am The Archer. While I was fully on-board with Mystique, I had some resistance around the Alert Advantage. I do have attributes of the Alert Advantage but not nearly as much as my Primary Mystique.

As a stylist and someone who values creativity, I thought I would or should have received Innovation as a Secondary, leading me to be The Secret Weapon. When I went into the FCA training I was excited but still a bit unsure about my Archetype as it didn’t feel 100% me. However, when I learned about the Tertiary Advantage and how to use it, I was shocked because my Tertiary was indeed Innovation. Not only did it make so much sense to me, I was able to embrace The Archer a bit more knowing that the Innovation side was not lost.

What different approaches have you developed for coaching individuals or teams? At which level do you make the greatest impact, and why?

I haven’t done teams yet, but for individuals, I’ve changed my entire process and programs to include Fascinate.

My services have switched from consulting to more coaching-based. It makes a greater impact because I’m provoking longer-lasting change.  Instead of me doing most of the work for them, which can leave them dependent on me, this coaching approach forces my clients to really focus on what they want and what’s stopping them.

We work through the Fascinate tools together to give them a better understanding of who they are, what makes them great and how to use it. It gives them control and permission to be themselves and express it in everything.

Sally Hogshead always says “Different is better than better.” What does “different is better” mean to you?

Different is better than better means embracing what makes you unique. We all have our “special sauce” or a particular X-factor that makes us different from the next one. So why not lean into it and use it to enhance your life and career? No one can be YOU better than YOU.

You can learn more about Latrice and her business, Latrice Monique Consulting, on her website.

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