Meet Fascinate Certified Advisor Sabine Parry

This post is part of a series where we’ll be getting to know members of our outstanding Fascinate Certified Advisor team. Our Certified Advisors are expertly trained to coach individuals and groups on how to use the Fascinate System to improve communication and build better relationships, as well as add unique value by embracing our core message: Different is better than better.

A seasoned business strategist and leadership consultant, Sabine Parry has been coaching clients for over a decade. She works with organizations to improve confidence and communication at every level of their business, and has been using Fascinate in her coaching since 2020. With a diploma specializing in banking and finance, Sabine enjoys mentoring students in university start-up and business incubator programs.

We wanted to learn a little more about Sabine and how she uses Fascinate with clients.

Why did you become an FCA?

When I experience something that has a great impact on myself and my own learnings, I love to pass it on. Being a mentor and facilitator were the only constants through my 17-year entrepreneurial journey. I guess it stems from the urge to make the world a better place and to create sustainable win-win situations.

Also being a Power personality, I see the goal and the tools to use to get me there the quickest. I guess the fact that I’m the only one offering this in New Zealand helped as well (there’s my Prestige Advantage coming through 😉 ).

In what ways do you use Fascinate tools to help your clients?

I use it in multiple ways. The way I love most is to create cheat sheets with Archetype, Double Trouble, Anthem etc., so that team members understand each other better and tailor their communication. I also love the Team Heat Maps and the awareness this creates amongst team members.

In what ways does Fascinate help engage groups/teams?

I believe that the Fascinate Profile not only gives a different view than other tests (how the world sees us), but it also has the potential of longer-lasting impact. It doesn’t only create awareness that we are all different. It also offers ways (e.g., communication dos and don’ts) to adapt your own communication so that it is best received by others. It provides understanding and ways out of your own default behaviours, while being stressed along with the ability to support colleagues in doing the same. This put into practice on a day-to-day basis is what makes the real difference when working in groups and teams and is the basis for an open, honest, vulnerable working relationship.

Other brilliant tools are the Team Heat Maps and the SWOT analysis that comes with the understanding of the team’s Archetype. For example, making a management team aware that they (as a collective) retreated and didn’t communicate under stress, coupled with the fact that making decisions cost them a lot of energy, we were able to work together to change the dynamics on how they communicate and make decisions in times of stress and crisis.

We loved getting to know Sabine! To learn more about her leadership coaching and  team-building work visit her website.

Learn more about our ICF-accredited Fascinate Certified Advisor™  program by clicking here.

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