My not-so-fascinating life

A personal note from Sally…

September was a brutal month. Probably the worst of my life. Truth be told… since then, I’ve felt kinda anxious and sad. I can’t seem to get my creative groove back.

(It’s tough to inspire YOU when I can’t even inspire myself.)

Ever felt this way? It’s not like “feeling blue.” More like feeling a very, very dark shade of navy.

I know I’ll get back to my own passionately creative, curiously weird, imperfect and fascinating life. I don’t know exactly how. At least, not yet.

So I wrote a letter to myself.

Over the next three months, I’m going to explore what it means to live a fascinating, passionate, creative life. This letter is a start.

What does it mean to live a fascinating life?

Too often in life, we measure our lives according to the big and grand.

The occasions, the landmarks.
Victories and promotions.
Championships and graduations.
The big life moments circled in red on the calendar.

And yes, these are very big moments.

But if we measure our lives by BIG events, our time only leapfrogs from one appointment to the next.

We spend our lives waiting for what happens next, instead of what happens now.

If we only focus on being “the best,” we’re measuring ourselves by someone else’s rules.

If we only focus on improving, it means the way we are is just not enough.

Savor the breakthroughs and triumphs. Yet remember that these moments are too few, too far between, and often, too far outside our control.

For every winner, there are a thousand others.
For every second accepting an award at a podium, there are years of struggle.
For every success, there are a hundred failures.

We can’t always choose the big moments. But fascinating moments are available anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

Real life is a glorious, painful, and absurdly difficult but infinitely rewarding work in progress.

Live in verbs.
Criticize cautiously.
Kiss impetuously.
Fill your bookshelves and social circle with an eclectic collection.
Refuse to drink from the mainstream.
Fall madly, wildly, head-over-heels in love with tiny little moments.

If the glass is half full, just pour it into a smaller glass and—presto!— your glass is full.

Life isn’t meant to be tolerated. It’s meant to be savored, devoured, marrow sucked and lips smacked.

Years from now, when we’re older and wiser and reflecting upon our lives, may no part remain unlived, no opportunity squandered, no talent wasted, no aspiration unfulfilled.

That’s what I believe is a fascinating life. How about you?

What do YOU think it means to live a fascinating life? I want to hear from you and learn from you.

Tell me your idea of a fascinating life in the comments, below. 

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Sally Hogshead

Sally skyrocketed to the top of the advertising world in her early 20s, fascinating millions of consumers for clients such as MINI Cooper and Coca-Cola. Since then, she’s published two New York Times bestsellers on the science of fascination, and is one of only 172 living members in the Speaker Hall of Fame. Over a million professionals have taken the Fascination Advantage® personality test to discover how others perceive their communication.

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