Personal Brand Statement Examples

Just like how brands have slogans that immediately define their value, your personal brand can also describe itself. What words immediately convey your value? If you’re having some trouble finding your words look at these examples.

Passion + Trust
I am THE BELOVED. I have a reputation of being genuine and loyal. I pride myself on being dependable and having a sincere attitude.

Trust + Prestige
I am THE DIPLOMAT. I have the credentials and reputation of a man twice my age. Words I love include: impeccable, expertise, best-in-class, and – most importantly – results.

Mystique + Innovation
I am THE SECRET WEAPON. My opinions may be unassuming, but my experience speaks for itself. I have a mastery of witty and am always working toward independent innovation.

Prestige + Power
I am THE VICTOR. If you need someone with ambitious ideas and results-oriented solutions to help grow your business online then you need to work with someone who has an extremely focused expertise and access to a respected network of entrepreneurs and marketers around the world.

Power + Alert
I am THE DEFENDER. I have aggressive standards that yield tireless results.

Alert + Passion
I am THE COORDINATOR. I exceed client expectations by being attentive and proactive. I deliver practical results, based on my experience as a creative thought leader.

Innovation + Mystique
I am THE PROVOCATEUR. My goal is to shine a new light on your business and deliver opportunities for growth and optimization via surprising insights, independent problem-solving and unassuming communication.

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Sally skyrocketed to the top of the advertising world in her early 20s, fascinating millions of consumers for clients such as MINI Cooper and Coca-Cola. Since then, she’s published two New York Times bestsellers on the science of fascination, and is one of only 172 living members in the Speaker Hall of Fame. Over a million professionals have taken the Fascination Advantage® personality test to discover how others perceive their communication.

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